Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh No!

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A Spelling Bee
Is not for me!
You get a word
You've never heard!
You do your best
To pass the test.
Is it silent-k?
Is it 'ay' or 'ai'?
Ow! That one's mean!
What's  a 'tureen'?
Mum's looking stressed!
I'm doing my best!
I hear the gong!
I got it wrong!
Then there's a vote!
I missed the boat!
This Spelling Bee
Is the last for me!



In every picture that I've seen
Ophelia looks neat and clean
Laid out in a tidy way
Unruffled by the river spray.
Always clutching to her heart
A bunch of flowers, works of art.
Nothing ugly, nothing crude,
Nothing of a morbid mood.
She's always floating with her face,
Still alight with warmth and grace,
Pointing upward to the sky,
Like Dresden China, smooth and dry.
But I have found this little gem
Showing the green weeds round her hem,
Showing her face all pale and wan
As it would be when life had gone.
Her hair is streaming out behind,
Her gown falls loose, all unconfined.
She is drifting on the tide
Like a corpse and not a bride.
The picture's morbid, but, for me,
There's a powerful sense of reality.


Not personal news today. I was very impressed when I saw this use of the Sydney Opera House 'sails' on TV today. The event is a YouTube concert. Musicians from round the world, having been auditioned on-line joining together to make music. The news is so full of doom and gloom that something like this is very uplifting by comparison.


Margaret Gosden said...

That is an amazing sight! I wonder if the architect
ever imagined that his 'sails' would be transformed in this way?

Dianne said...

that little boy looks so disappointed

Kim, USA said...

The first photo is just so cute!

anne said...

That was ok, what matter is he tried. I love the picture of the kid.

Ruby Tuesday

Stephanie V said...

Oh, I feel for the boy who's just missed the word! And I'll bet he couldn't decide which version to give.
That photo of the Opera House is amazing.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The photo shows an utterly dejected young man!


They say that just one touch of red
Will put big, bold thoughts in your head.
So scarlet’s for you,
And burgundy too,
And cardinal and carmine—‘nuff said!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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