Friday, March 18, 2011

Imperfect Hero

supplied the illustration


As I walked by the lake I made a wish,
Feeling vulnerable and alone.
I wished for a knight in shining armour,
One of my very own.
And, to my surprise, from the lake's deep waters
A knight loomed up before me!
One who promised to carry me off
And worship and adore me!
'That's all very well' I said to him;
'The idea sounds sublime,
But first do me a favour,
And wash off all that slime!'
Gerald Gee


I remember English skies with dark clouds scudding by.
Storms a-coming! Storms a-going! Trouble up on high.
But I remember most the valleys painted by the weather.
All the greens on earth displayed patch-working together.
'Forest', 'Apple', 'Moss' and 'Lime' over the brown earth ranging;
Triangle to square to diamond, changing, always changing.
Gloom and glory playing chase across each crag and hill.
I remember English skies.
I know I always will.


Brian Miller said...

haha...nice. the droopings ont eh pic do look a bit like slime...glad you got your wish smiles. nicely played...

Anita Magdalena said...

A slimy imperfect hero, your words made me smile, nice one.


budh.aaah said...

Oh yes please..come into my life but first definitely wash all that slime.

Penny said...

Great. Made me smile, a lovely twist.

S and J said...

Love it - gentle humour and every girl's wish come true!

Tashtoo said...

Wonderful, fun take on the image! Really enjoyed it...and I LOVE rhyme :)

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh we've all walked along making one of those wishes. Mine all end up covered in slime lmao x

JL Dodge said...

Well done Love your twist !!

rmpWritings said... the ending, made me laugh.