Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Healing Hands


The Laying on of Hands has had a mystical connotation;
It seems really incompatible with the modern situation.
We tend to be so sceptical of anything rather 'ghostly'
And rely on pills and potions from a human doctor, mostly.
But Healing Hands have had a place in medicine for years;
And, in the Bible, many times, the work of them appears.
Jesus wasn't the only one to heal by this application,
And 'healers' have been found, like him, in every other nation.
As an atheist and sceptic I'm inclined to lack belief,
Though so many people claim that 'hands' have brought them great relief.
Now Mainstream Medicine agrees that there's something going on,
For, after The Laying on of Hands, many illnesses have gone!
The suggestion is that energy from the healer's hands is flowing
And that energy boosts the patient's  and keeps immunity growing.
Also, we simply can't deny the power of the brain;
What we believe is an influence time and time again.
We can actually raise our temperatures by willing them to rise,
So, if thinking 'I'm getting better' works, that's really no surprise.
Maybe we've all got Healing Hands; I find that idea attractive.
Anything to keep us healthy, young, pain-free, up-beat and active!



Said Mary Smith to Betty Bloggs "Well! It shook me rigid
When Fred complained it was a shame that I was somewhat frigid!
He even saw a psychiatrist and was given some advice
And, when he heard the gist of it, he gladly paid the price.
'I know now why our love-life has turned out rather stale!
It's all because you're female and I am very male!'
I was surprised but he went on 'I think I've been a louse
Leaving you to do so many chores around the house.
I've always thought that you should do the work that was required,
But now I'm told you're...well.... not keen....because you're over-tired.'
So Betty Bloggs, with eyebrows raised, said 'Well, what happened then?
I'm not surprised at what you've said: I know the ways of men.'
'Well' Mary said 'You'd be surprised at what he undertook!
He started making beds and things! He even tried to cook!
He dusted and he weeded and he did the ironing too.
I'd never known such luxury! It was like a dream come true!
My married life improved no end as he did all the chores.
I sat back in the easy chair and watched him sweep the floors!'
'And did it improve your love-life?' Betty was quick to ask'
'You must have felt so pampered as he undertook each task!'
Said Mary with a giggle' I know you're going to scoff.....
He was absolutely hopeless!
He kept on nodding off!'


Deborah said...

Wonderful, I do believe we all have healing hands and as for SEXHAUSTION ... I LOVED it! A joy to read as always :o)

Roger Owen Green said...

well, we all can heal, a little bit, I think, with our touch.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Unknown said...

I have total confidence in the power of healing hands.

Unknown said...

you are the hands-on winner for healthiest blog of H-day!
HelenMac, ABC Wednesday TEam

Tumblewords: said...

Healing hands - sounds magical and real at the same time. And love the sexhaustion.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Sexhaustion--hahahahahahahaha. Love that twist.

Healing hands--one of my grandaunts was said to have that ability. When I was younger I thought I had it. Maybe I do. I wonder what happened.