Friday, March 18, 2011

Female Guilt?

has chosen the topic 'Hope'.


Be it box or be it apple,
The female is, of course, to blame,
Causing all mankind to grapple
With death and cruelty and shame.
Eve was strolling in the garden,
Stole the apple, took a bite,
And since then, so the men would have it,
Nothing has been going right.
Pandora was another lady
Who caused Mankind to go astray;
She saw a box and, slyly peeping,
Let all the evils fly away.
She quickly slammed the lid in horror
Trapping the evil, Hope, inside,
And, since then, through trial and terror,
Human hope has never died.
Hope prevents us, in misfortune,
From accepting what will be;
Hope keeps springing up, eternal,
Hope will never set us free.
Eve and her counterpart, Pandora,
Figments of imagination,
Prove that men must have a scapegoat
When in a tricky situation!


'I won't stand for it!' I said to Rose.
(She sat there in a submissive pose.)
'I've introduced you to suitable men!
My God! There must have been nine or ten!
Arthur Biggs! You left him in the lurch
And he'll go far when he enters the Church.
If you'd married Fred Simpson you'd have been rich!
Serves you right if you end up without a stitch!
And what of Clive Smith! You'd have had it made!
He's filthy rich though he is in Trade.
Yet still you insist you must marry for love!
I don't know what you're thinking of!
Your Mother must try to make you see sense!
But I feel she's just sitting on the fence!
Look at me, girl! Look at me!
Be guided by my morality!
I'm happy and yet, heavens above,
I never give a thought to love!
Just then Abigail walked by!
Gave a cough and caught my eye!


Isabel Doyle said...

at least they have not taken to naming earthquakes or tsunamis after women, unlike hurricanes and cyclones ... it's the power that keeps men worried!

Carrie Van Horn said...

Brenda you are brilliant!....I am with Isabel, at least they do not name earthquakes or tsunamis after women...:-)

Mary said...

So cleverly done. Indeed man must find a so many cases.

Willow said...

I love your rhyme, I love your playful spirit, I love your HOPE poem, I love your right on ness.

Anonymous said...

smart words...

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Your poetry rocks…
Bless your day…

Ella said...

Very clever; Well Done~