Monday, February 27, 2012

The Way to a Girl's Heart

                                                             Bob Adelman
supplied the picture


I'm reasonably intelligent! What was I thinking of?
To see a face on the TV screen and instantly fall in love!
She had that flowery quality, rather like an opening rose,
And oh those sweet delicious lips and that little turned-up nose!
She should have been a model.....she had the qualities;
But no, she was a scientist, with a number of degrees!
To cradle such a bounteous brain inside such a cute little head!
I tossed and turned as I thought of her, all night in my single bed.
(I think of buying a double! She's had that effect on me!
I find myself dreaming of wedding-days and raising a family!)
I could hardly remember her subject, though she'd spoken for quite a while;
I'd been  so besotted by her wide eyes and her smile.
Ah yes! Now I remembered.........the subject wasn't rewarding!
She spoke, as a sociologist, on the problem some have with hoarding.
It seems there are people around the place, who can't throw things away.
They always think they'll need 'whatever' on a later day.
And so they hoard until the house is chock-full of their stuff,
And it gets filthy and smelly, and treating them is tough.
It appears she is writing a treatise on the hoarding malady
And she said 'If this is your problem, get in touch with me!'
I looked around at my monk-like pad, with everything in place.
Rubbish? Unwashed dishes? Hoarding? Not a trace.
So that is why you see me, stocking-up like mad.
A problem with hoarding rubbish is one I've never had.
This is my thirteenth visit to buy-up this and that;
Toilet rolls and chocolates and stuff to feed the cat.
My lounge-room's overflowing, with cartons packets, jars;
I've even bought some caviare and some boxes of cigars!
Tonight I'm going to write to her and this what I'll say....
'I think I have a problem; please visit me today.'



This could be a promising match, for both of you seem to know
Togetherness can be overdone; 'Space' is where to go.
Aquarius can be bossy and Aries can get mad,
But still you’ll love to sit and chat about good times you've had.
The physical chemistry works quite well and so do conversations,
And so you'll learn to rise above the minor altercations.
Aries, full of energy, suggests exciting schemes,
And Aquarius sets the scene in life with imaginary dreams.
Together you’ll be quite a force, a powerful combination,
With one to drive and one to dream in every situation.
Aquarius will be the manager; Aries needs control,
While Aries is the humaniser, adding a touch of soul.
Aquarius' independence can give rise to insecurity
But acceptance is the ingredient reflecting your maturity.
You’ll appreciate each others strengths, that is the vital key,
And you two both acknowledge that vague urge to be free.
In many ways you are alike, and yet you have the sense
To make life a celebration,
Saying 'Vive la Difference!'


Unknown said...

Who knew the way to a girl's heart was hoarding.... soup cans? What a wonderful poem. I love your thought processing. Clever response, thank you for sharing.

~T~ said...

Matchmaker, matchmaker,
interesting matches!