Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stretching Away


Eagles on a mountain-top
Survey the scene before they drop.
Then they swoop and soar and glide,
For on the winds a bird can ride.
But two ladies, yes, these two,
Can only stand and admire the view.
They are rooted to the spot.
Being earth-bound is their lot.
They can merely stand and say
'Look at the scenery stretching-away.'


Mike was listening to music in the caravan one day
And Nita wanted to read a book, so she just stole away.
Their boat was moored  quite near at hand; she thought that she'd untie it.
All that she was after was a little peace and quiet.
She slowly rowed around the lake and then anchored near some trees,
Taking out her book and reading, completely at her ease.
Suddenly a motor-boat came swiftly to her side,
And an angry forest warden took his megaphone and cried.
'No fishing here! You're trespassing! Young lady, can you hear me?'
Nita replied 'Although the rod and tackle may be near me,
I've no interest in fishing. I'm here to have a read!'
The warden yelled ' I see your equipment; I see you've all you need
To catch some fish! I'm booking you!'  His anger grew and grew.
I can see fishing-tackle. I know what you're going to do!'
'Well' said Nita 'In that case I'll charge you with rape!
It's clear that you are guilty; there can be no escape.'
The warden, who was horrified, said ' But that would be a lie!
I have no desire to rape you! I wouldn't even try!'
'Maybe not' said Nita ' But you must admit it's true
That you have the equipment. Who knows what you're going to do?'

1 comment:

Kat said...

Soaring eagles are fascinating to watch..!!!!

Moral: best to remove the equipment and leave at home before going out... I meant Nita, removing the fishin' tackle etc., so that wardens don't trouble..!!!!