Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pinkly Imperfect



In their natural state they're perfect, flamingoes are unsurpassed.
Beautiful pink creatures, floating, or flashing past.
It's their carotenoid diet that causes the pretty pink;
The shrimps and such that they live on are the dietary link.
(I believe if we eat carrots and eat them to excess
We too become tinged with pinkness, our eyes looking quite a mess!)
There's no doubt the colour enhances these exotic birds,
Which can be so entrancing that we are lost for words.
But here I must burst the bubble, explaining that, in the zoo,
They're often 'pinked' excessively! Yes, I swear it's true!
They are given a special diet, very high in carotene,
Making their brilliant pinkness a feature of the scene.
I'm sure the birds don't suffer, and they make a pretty sight,
But I wish it all came naturally!
I'd even prefer them white!


Scorpio's air of mystery is certain to excite
Aries, who's like a bumbling moth, attracted to a light.
And, since the air of mystery, is allied with sensual flair,
With more than a hint of aggression, you seem a likely pair.
You share energy and passion, but both demand control,
And in anything and everything both want the leading role.
Aries likes outside interests, while Scorpio tends to brood
If feeling on the sidelines; then comes the nasty mood!
Both of you like tussles; you may fight things out in bed;
No hearts and flowers lead to sex, just plain old 'seeing red'!
Just for a while this will suffice; you'll think your union great,
But Scorpio secretly resents the more outspoken mate.
Both of you are opinionated and certain that you’re right,
So life is full of fireworks in the day and in the night!
Some people like to live this way, in danger as it were,
They accept the sharp claws of the beast and answer with a purr.
But, as the years go by, it seems these opposites won't attract.
Better get it out of your systems!
Mr Cupid! You are sacked!


Kay L. Davies said...

You're right. I've seen almost-white flamingos, Brenda. They're beautiful no matter what colour they are.

Kat said...

ahem.... to achieve the 'white' perhaps we'll have to feed them milk ? - Just extending the logic..!!! :-)))

LV said...

I have always seen these birds real or in yards. Never knew all this about them.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
What a beautiful share. I too love the flamingos. They are so graceful and have such flair do they not?

I did not know that sometimes the color was enhanced by and additional diet in zoos though.

You are a wonderful writer. I so enjoyed your write today. Thank you for sharing. Country hugs and much love, Sherry