Sunday, February 5, 2012

Peas in Pods

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Most of us, I fear, are flawed; our faces just scrape by,
With a nose that's rather bulbous, or a slightly wayward eye.
Maybe our chin's receding, maybe our brow's too low;
Maybe our lips are crooked or our ears are set too low.
We view the ideal beauties, up there on the silver screen,
And we feel that Nature's cheated us, and acted rather mean.
The roll of DNA dice has resulted in a face
That's sort of 'disadvantaged', a little out of place.
There's a mathematical formula for beauty that's extreme;
For the truly perfect features that, for us, live in a dream.
Below, see the proportions that represent perfection;
With nothing slightly crooked or going in the wrong direction.
Then view the lovely creature in the photograph below,
With all her glorious attributes amazingly on show.
There's a face to aim for; that's how we want to be!
We are lesser mortals, as anyone can see!     

jessica masked

But wait! If we all were perfect we'd all look just the same;
Like peas in pods we'd always match, and that would be a shame.
The face of this perfect lady would be multiplied in the street!
We'd see it duplicated on those we chanced to meet.
Like peas in pods we'd go through life with no means of recognition!
And that would put as all in a peculiar position.
'Excuse me, are you Ermintrude or are you Sarah Jane?'
And you'd be faced with rows of 'peas' on the bus or on the train!
A face that is a fortune I fear I've been denied,
And there have been occasions when I really could have cried
Viewing in the mirror the mishmash that's my face
With nothing really matching or in it's appointed place.
But at least my face is recognised as something that is 'me'.
After all, on consideration, who wants to be a 'pea'?

Not us but the mood's identical


I'm well-aware Old Age can be
A time of great adversity,
And I don't want to make a joke
Out of the pain of other folk.
However, I am here to say
Retirement can be a holiday
For those of us who've had the luck
To age, yet not become unstuck.
Creaks? We've got them everywhere;
Also thinning or greying hair;
Replacement hips? Replacement knees?
Of course! For items such as these
Are part of the general wear and tear.
Perfect specimens are rare.
Comparing 'symptoms' is quite fun......
'Have you got one?' ......'Yes, I've got one.'
Now, if you're under thirty-five,
You'll think 'Why bother to survive
In such a state of sad decay?
These dogs have certainly had their day.
I'd simply take a little pill
If I were heading-off downhill!
Youth is passion, youth is vigour!
I'd hate my stomach to get bigger!'
Now, chickadees, turn your tiny brains
To all the many obvious gains!
I've been retired for twenty years
And every year I've raised three cheers!
Imagine a life in which you're free
To turn each day into a spree!
Wake when you like, and keep pursuing
All the things you most like doing!
When your turn comes I know you'll say
'Life's an unending holiday!'

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Jenny said...

Darn, this was really cool and you had a broken link so I fear nobody got to read it.

I'm not sure what happened but after you write your post, go ahead and publish it. Then click on the title of the post and copy that URL into the linky! I think you should recopy this into your next weeks SC. It is really a great read!