Sunday, February 5, 2012

On The run

The Wordle

                   James Robertson

Asks us to use the twelve words in the wordle


I knew they would get me in the end,
However hard I ran.
I knew it would end in capture,
However smart my plan.
Yes, I led the rebellion,
And exile was my fate.
Now 'they' have discovered my escape-route;
I've left things much too late.
Now I crouch in these ruins.......
Someone will lift the latch;
I'll be a 'feather in his cap',
What a prestigious catch!
He'll recognise me by the scar
Running across my cheek.
A metallic taste is in my mouth.
I'm vulnerable and weak.
The cause I upheld was dubious;
I'm petulant about it now.
My sacrifice means nothing;
Why bother, anyhow?
I'll dart out into the open
As soon as he rams the door;
I'll race like one demented
Out onto the open moor.
As I race toward the billows
Of the wild and open sky
I'll hear the staccato bullet-fire
And then I know I'll die.
Everything finally fuses
As I face this final call;
And all that's ringing in my mind 
Is 'What was the point of it all?'


All praise to the Municipal Gardener
Who pretties-up the town,
Who makes a splash of colour
In earth so rich and brown.
Who takes a plot on the corner
Outside The Junction Fair,
And digs and hoes
And then plants rows
Of flowers for me to share.
All praise to the Municipal gardener,
Whose back must sometimes ache;
Who gets blisters on his fingers
From spade and trowel and rake.
This verse is just to thank him;
I appreciate his role!
The vibrant hues,
The reds and blues
Splash colour on my soul.


Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

"On The Run" vivid story ... great inspiration from a handful of words!

vivinfrance said...

Your second poem was just the antidote necessary after the desolation of the first. Thank you.

Daydreamertoo said...

Great use of the wordle words. They all seemed to dictate that it was to do with battles, fighting, etc.
Loved the gardens, it takes a lot of hard work to make them look so beautiful for people.

cathy said...

Love it, that last line is a killer of a line.

Mary said...

Ah yes, for sure: What is the point of it all? So often we must wonder!

Lady In Read said...

loved the use of the words from the wordle! enjoyed the story and definitely enjoyed the praise of the gardens...