Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day At The Bay




What a day we had today
When we travelled to The Bay.
It's only just an hour away
A delicious Mini Holiday!

Tea-Gardens.....venue for morning tea,
While the sun shone glitteringly.
What a lovely place to be
Where islands sit in a shining sea.

We ate Shirley's chocolate cakes
(What delicious stuff she bakes!
I'm renowned for my mistakes!)
Then we caught the ferry on Myall Lakes.
A gentle breeze blew in my hair;
There were houseboats floating everywhere.
Some dolphins even popped up to stare.
We floated along without a care.

I took some portraits on the way.
As we sailed to Nelson Bay.
The clouds above were sometimes grey
But, luckily, skies of blue held sway.
As one does on seaside trips
We enjoyed some fish and chips.
While other people came to grips
With fishing vessels and sailing ships.

Then we made a dozen stops
At the bulging fashion shops,
A lady's eye quite often pops!
Buying shoes she counts as tops.

Then, as homeward we made our way
Some people had a lot to say
About the very lovely day
We had spent at Nelson Bay!


An ant may crawl across the ground
Full of joi de vivre
Until he's stamped on by a boot
And has to take his leave.
Fate plays some nasty tricks sometimes,
Whether we're ants or men,
We know a boot may stomp on us,
Though we're not certain when.
Just take this egg, so cruelly cracked,
With its yolk all unprotected,
Fate surely played a trick on it,
When it was least suspected.
While other eggs in ordered rows,
Look brown and porcelain-ish,
Ready to serve as all eggs must,
Whether they're Dutch or Danish,
Our broken egg's a useless thing,
Maybe already smelly,
Destined for a garbage bin,
Not some up-market deli.
Did someone drop a rock on it?
Did a bird fly down and peck?
What form did Fate take in this case,
Creating a total wreck?
It's Mother Hen was oh so proud
When this little egg appeared;
After all the strain of pushing
She, with a cackle, cheered.
To think that all her effort
Has been wasted after all!
When she so hoped that it would be
The pride of the shopping mall!
The other eggs look smug I think,
They think they have fooled Fate,
But it will get them in the end,
When they're dished-up on a plate.
The moral of this story is
'Fate always wins the fight.' 
And if we thought too much about it
We wouldn't sleep at night!


Kat said...

I remember vividly your telling that in school you translated the lessons to poems and studied....!!!

Nelson Bay trip is now a poem..!!!

looks all of you had a great time.

carol l mckenna said...

Fun time photos ~ love the words also ~namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

HansHB said...

Great pictures!
I wish you a Happy Valentine!!

EG CameraGirl said...

I'd say you enjoyed a wonderful trip yo Nelson Bay.

Photo Cache said...

looks like a fun excursion.

Watery Wednesday

Cathy said...

Loved this WW post because as well as being by the water it looks like you had the best of days, the best of weather and best of all the best of friends to share it with.
Take care

Anonymous said...

they are happy...have a nice day

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

If you come to New Zealand after you get the gold card (65) you get to travel free on the buses, trains and ferries.