Saturday, February 4, 2012

Big Shoes


It doesn't take big feet  to wear Big Shoes.
It takes someone with strong and certain views.
 It takes someone who learns to give an inch
And yet, when faced with problems, doesn't flinch.
It takes someone who doesn't seem to need
The compliments of others to succeed.
It takes a person who is always true
To what is in his heart, not public view.
It takes someone of courage and of verve
Who's well-endowed with bravery and nerve.

The heroes of past history wore Big Shoes;
If they were here today who would we choose?
Our modern life has cut us down to size
And we anticipate the coming lies;
We doubt our politicians from the start;
We're cynical about each scheming heart.
We wait for twisted words and wary faces;
We learn of past misdeeds and past disgraces.
Humanity has seen its better days;
Maybe we can't escape our time's malaise.
Maybe we get the leaders we deserve;
Maybe we all are on a downward curve.
Maybe it's all just fame on the evening news.
Maybe there's no-one who can fill Big Shoes.


My first memory is of cold hands.
I am a tiny child
Lying in bed
In a cold, cold room.
Nearly eighty years ago.
My hands,
Tiny petrified starfish,
Lie on top of the blankets.
I cannot sleep
For the discomfort of them.
I place them,
One after the other,
Under the covers.
I remember the thought.
This is how to keep warm!'
I recall the newness of the thought.
I recall the triumph
Of doing something for myself.
I recall the bliss
Of the warmth of my own body.
Such a tiny memory!
So insignificant!
Yet I believe
This was the precise moment
I became a person.


Kay L. Davies said...

The second poem here is delightful, Brenda. "Of doing something for myself" ...wonderful!

Marian said...

that small-child memory poem slays me.

Margaret said...

And we anticipate the coming lies;...

amazing line and then you follow it up with a poem so sweet of young childhood. If only the politicians could remember that far back of innocence and goodness....

Donald Harbour said...

Wow! You hammered that nail on the head. The two poems offer a dynamic juxtaposition. All it takes is the compassion of humanity and humility to wear Big Shoes. Qualities that are still within us, just miss placed. Loved your poem.

vivinfrance said...

Poem 1: cynicism is as old as the ancient Greeks, but is morphing into realism in these days of greed and dishonesty.

Poem 2: is just charming, with its dawning consciousness. I love it.

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

I sincerely hope there is someone -- or multiple someones -- who can step forth and fill those shoes. And if we needed it at any time, we sorely need it now.

Great response to the WWP Prompt.


Laura Moe said...

I like the simplicity in your diction. It's a nice contrast to deep ideas, which makes your poem more accesible and readable. Your message is not hidden under glamourous phrasing.
I think your opening line of Big Shoes would make a great writing prompt.

Mr. Walker said...

I like your take in Big Shoes; you take that extended metaphor and work it beautifully. I'm generally cynical, but right now I'm being optimistic and hope there are "better days" ahead as well as behind.


neil reid said...

Yes, yes, the two of these together is perfectly right, each informs the environment of the other. I like them both, they both work on their own, yet together there is a new chemistry afoot.

Amazing first memory, no matter what or how or even if literal truth - just amazing to hold in hand. Thank you.