Monday, January 3, 2011

Yellow Stats


I'm fascinated by statistics; they've always interested me;
In fact I often wish I'd studied sociology.
I know they can be dodgy, but even an overall view,
Has the power to show the differences between the false and true.
So my blog statistics intrigue me; they're the snapshot of my blog;
Rather like a meter, or a mathematical log.
Most of my readers, so I've been told, are from the USA;
More than half of them, in fact; each and every day.
So I'm looking at my statistics from a Yanky point of view,
Trying to work out from them, what you blog-readers do!
Above we see the yellow graph, (the orange is a plus),
Knowing the seasonal routine is not the same for us.
In the midde of the year it's clear the readership is sagging;
It's summer so, in America, interest is flagging.
You're all out on the beaches, getting a healthy tan,
Deserting the word of blogging en masse and to a man.
But then, look at January, you're huddled by the fire
With your lap-top handy, so my results go higher!
Now why should October reach a peak? I suppose the weather's cooling,
And it's different from November when Thanksgiving sets you drooling.
But look at my Xmas levels! Look and then look again!
Compare the statistics of 2009 to those of 2010!
Maybe the weather's been more severe this year compared to the last.
Maybe you've done more huddling than you have done in the past!
I wonder if my deductions are even vaguely right.
I'll check at the end of next year.
What, then, will be my plight?


My Inner Child's in mourning
For she passed a looking glass
And she saw the awful ravages
That daily come to pass.
My Inner Child is merry,
She only lives to play,
But the Inner met the Outer
In a looking-glass today!

The New Year has not started well for many Australians. Floods of 'biblical' proportions have inundated our northern State, Queensland. The floods are covering an area equal to France and Germany combined! They are likened to a 'slow tsunami' as the water will take weeks to reach the sea, and towns downstream know what's coming but can do nothing to stop it. Not only that but farmers, who've just survived almost ten years of drought, have now lost all this year's crops, and the prices in the shops are due to sky-rocket! In Newcastle, we are far from the floods, but no doubt we'll feel the repercussions!


Maude Lynn said...

Blog stats are an absolute mystery to me!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

You've given me a laugh tonight - that "inner child" poem is spot on.
So sorry to hear about the flooding, that is just awful for the farmers.

Liz said...

Happy MYM!

Liz @ MLC

Becca said...

Statistics are iffy. I feel like they can be manipulated!

Kay L. Davies said...

So sad about the floods. Especially following a drought. Soft rains would have been lovely. Floods are a disaster.
But I love the inner child poem.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Tussy said...

Sad for farmer as same as here when flooding come.

gengen said...

Sometimes nature do like that. MYM!