Saturday, January 8, 2011




'Ah yes! I remember it well!'
As Maurice Chevalier sang;
When Blake was just seven or eight
And we went to the pool with the gang.
It must have been only last week....
No! I'm wrong! It was some years ago.
It's strange how the years can go fast,
When, frequently, days seem quite slow!
The boys had come out of the water,
And so all the swimming was done.
They were wrapped up against chilly breezes,
Although it was warm in the sun.
That same sun was to prove our undoing!
No matter how cool the boys felt,
The chocolate cake, with its smarties,
Decided to languish and melt!
But whatever catastrophe happens,
With boys in a partying mood,
It all proves to be quite exciting,
Whatever the state of the food!
With joy they attacked melting chocolate,
Falling under some ravenous spell!
Are you sure that it wasn't last Wednesday?
'Ah yes! I remember it well.'


Octavio Ocampo's mystery painting.


Don Quixote doubled!
 Don multiplied by two!
All that dashing,
All that slashing
And his donkey too!
One of him was quite enough!
 The windmills felt unsure
When he dabbled
When he scrabbled
When he gave a roar!
Don Quixote doubled!
What a cross to bear!
Great devotion
And emotion!
Don and his double-dare!
I could never cope with him,
When he was only one!
Quixote double?
Too much trouble!
A duo's overdone!


Gemma Wiseman said...

Children so love brightly decorated cake! Especially with chocolate icing! Love your memory poem!

Jama said...

Those colorful M &M are so tempting! no kids would have turn away from them.