Monday, January 10, 2011

Real Feel




Full of movement! Full of grace!
Everything in its proper place!
A moment in time is caught in paint!
People moving without restraint!
But here's where art and artifice
Play a part in a scene like this.
Every skin-colour the same?
Skin colour would vary name to name.
How to decide whether they are
Dressing or practising at the bar.
And no pencil on earth could move so fast
As to catch four figures moving past!
Art and artifice combine
Uniting colour, form and line.
Each girl, I feel, was sketched alone
Regardless of movement, line and tone,
And then the figures were combined
In an area confined.
I'm no artist that's for sure
And I'm no critic, furthermore.
But I'm intrigued by the 'realistic'
Which owes so much to the skill artistic.
'A slice of life'? I'd say 'Not quite'.
Ballerinas posed, and not in flight.
But how clever to give us all the feel
Of something real when it's unreal!


Madge was driving much too fast and a policeman flagged her down,
Sternly fixing her with his eye and a terribly harrowing frown.
'Is this your car' the policeman said. 'Well, no' Madge then replied;
'I saw it parked outside a house and took it for a ride!'
'Indeed!' said the Officer ' Fancy that! What's that parcel on the seat?
Madge began to cry! It was very clear she was starting to feel the heat.
'I confess! I confess!' she wept and wailed ' Those are human remains!
I'm afraid I killed my mother-in-law! In there you'll find her brains!'
The Policeman phoned the station....... 'Assistance needed here!
I've apprehended a criminal; a vicious one, it's clear!'
Reinforcements then roared up and Madge was interrogated.
The Officer in Charge soon found that her driving licence stated
That she was the owner of the car! She saw the Policeman wince!
As for the package it was found to be some sausages and mince!
'What the hell are you playing at?' cried the Officer in Charge, bright red,
Accusing the first Policeman of not being right in the head!
And Madge chimed in 'Don't trust him! The next thing that he'll do
Is try to try to tell another lie and say I was speeding too!'


Nicole said...

ha! good one

SmilingSally said...

I like your analysis of the dancers. They should have a diversity of skin tones! I never thought of that before!

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.

gengen said...

Nice one.. Happy blue Monday.

Lesley said...

I probably wouldn't have noticed that all the skin tones were exactly the same. I will now look more closely at his other renderings of 'real' life.

Donnie said...

You are so very creative. Loved them both. Happy Blue Monday.

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Very creative words. Blessing Debbie