Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Perspective!




Consider size if you will.
That great moon
That illuminated
All your youthful follies;
That ballooned over you in majesty
And filled your sky;
That squeezed the blackness of night
Into the dusty corners
Of the universe.....
Is a speck!
Against the azure firmament
It is a mere morsel,
A pea,
A pin-head
A little dot of dust.
Easily lost.
Easily overlooked.
Compared to a planet
It is nothing!
So what are we?
We who gasp at the 'huge' moon,
Who bathe in its harvest splendour,
Who are certain it fills the sky?
We are less than
A pea,
A pin-head
Or a dot of dust!
It is almost Biblical!



I won it in a raffle, this delicious fruity cake.
To win anything at all was a surprise!
It lay there in it's glory and I said 'For goodness sake!
That cake itself is quite sufficient prize!'
But the Lily had been Gilded, with these lovely yellow flowers,
Frangipani blossoms, seeming to belong!
Both cake and frangipani should have lasted days, not hours,
But neither goody lasted very long!

Yesterday was Australia Day. Not that we did anything particularly Australian, but we had a celebratory day anyway. The temperature soared to 38 degrees celsius, so it was fortunate that we had been invited to friend Vera's cool house! She and Angus were keen to re-meet Mike, our overseas visitor, and Allan, the genial next-door-neighbour we know well, was there as well. Vera produced a delicious meal in her usual capable manner.
Snacks in the lovely poolside room. 
With Alfie, the dog, who, incidentally, chewed up a shoe of mine! I'd kicked my shoes off under the table (I know our hosts very well!) and Alfie ran off with one and destroyed it! Fortunately, it was an old shoe!


Kat said...

IN PERSPECTVE: That illuminated
All your youthful follies;

If one bats the eye-lid while reading your poems, the subtleties can be missed..!!! Loved that pun.

PS: ha ha ha... looks you wear 'delicious' shoes... :-))) Alfie will vouch for it..!!!

Francisca said...

It so behooves us to keep the right perspective. Taking oneself too seriously - which seems to be the norm these days - seems to counter-productive when no one else does! :-D Brenda, I so admire your facility with words and attention to detail... wordsmiths like you are a diminishing breed. Belated Happy Aussie Day... looks like you had a great time.

Jan n Jer said...

As always, enjoyed your post!

Kay L. Davies said...

Just have to ask - did you go home barefoot, or with one shoe on? Good thing they weren't new shoes.
I like your less-than-a-pea poem. My friends and I use a considerably less poetic expression: "Don't take yourself too damn seriously" but it means pretty much the same.
Still, it's difficult, because we have brains with which to think, and those same brains can't always handle our egos or our emotions. Tricky business, being human.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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