Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Curiouser and Curiouser!



How very odd, a household blind erected in a yard!
I'd suggest you made a guess at it but it would be rather hard!
When one's married to Mr Fixit, anything can appear!
So I'll tell the little story about this oddment here!
Once we had a jasmine hedge; it was high and wide and pretty.
But the fence was falling to pieces and that was such a pity!
So we had the fence removed and when that enormous job was done,
We found that our little courtyard was more open to the sun.
The first time we  had coffee I said to M. 'Oh heck!
The sun is really burning the left side of my neck!'
So what appears in a day or two but a dinky little blind,
Cut down from a larger one! Don't you think that was kind!
When the weather's cloudy it is tucked-up out of sight,
But oh what a boon it is to me when the sun's too hot and bright!
And see! An added bonus is a tracery from the tree!
It makes a delicate pattern of the finest filigree!
And here is Malcolm sitting, looking rather smug,
Chewing on a biscuit and with his coffee mug!
 And when the children visited, we found we had a screen
For little hands to fashion a shadow-puppet scene!
All that from one old sunburnt neck! It's a rather lovely freak!
And I'm inclined to think that it may even be unique!


It looks rather staged and unlikely, a postcardy kind of a shot,
But I was the one with camera and I know it was certainly not!
Australian waterfalls never could be likened to those of renown,
There's no 'smoke-that-thunders' about them, as they pose for a shot and fall down.
But the falls of the Atherton area, have a picture-book tropical air,
And the palm trees that gather about them are green all the year, never bare.
There's Mena and then there's Mungalli  and then just a short way away
We come to this one, Millaa Millaa,  which seems to demand we should stay.
Australia's noted for desert, Australia's noted for beach,
But it also is noted for cascades.
So why don't you try some of each?


This week Australia celebrates Australia Day and our Probus Club gave the occasion a nod at morning tea. 
Afterwards, the Choir entertained. I love this photo! Pam is doing such a great job of organising us, and hardly anyone is taking any notice of her! This is typical! I'm a case in point.....gazing off into the distance with a bemused expression on my face! Yet the resulting concert was really very good!


EG CameraGirl said...

How sweet of Mr. Fix-it to set up the blind to keep you from becoming too warm. The added bonus is the wonderful silhouettes you can create!

Kat said...

SHADOW SHOT: Can see the admiration in the poem..... to "M" :-)))) Of course all credit to him..!!!!

CASCADES: as they pose for a shot...
Had me in splits.... reading that

Fruit Hampers said...

Bloody Hilarious! Loved the idea of the finger shadow puppets - my little one is a master at the barking dog lol!