Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gee Jump!

Gerald Gee


Every colour on earth is there,
Suspended in the middle air!
And every sound on earth is there
Caught in a second rich and rare!
Can't you hear them, Can't you see?
How rich a monochrome can be!
Who cares if it's colourless, soundless too
When Everything is in this view?

*Not my photograph. My blog friend Gerald has given me permission to use his work for 'poetry purposes'. His blog is a gold-mine of pictorial pleasures (plus funny cartoons and nostalgic music).
See for yourself


(An Acrostic)

So I blew it the first time! That's too bad!
Each time we meet now I feel sad.
Couldn't we try again, my dear?
Or will your reaction be 'No fear!'
Night after night I toss and turn!
Don't you care that I still yearn?
Careless words lost me your regard.
Heartache hurts and life is hard.
Another chance would put things right!
Nothing else can help my plight!
Cherish me as you used to do!
Everything depends on you!


Fay Campbell said...

It's all there. Very nice.

LV said...

I loved this post. Great shots and words.

Kat said...

Another chance would put things right!

To be practised life long instead of writing off someone. Loved this eye opening poem.