Thursday, January 27, 2011

Slanging Match!


Slang words this week
'conniption, janky, scooch'

When I woke up this-morning
And made an attempt to blog,
I found the computer had problems
(Maybe a minor cog!)
Well, I had a conniption fit right there!
How dare it be so janky!
What a way to start the day!
My! Did I feel cranky!
I fiddled here, I fiddled there,
Much fortified by gin!
And in the end I took it
And kicked it in the bin!
'Scooch!' I yelled, with vehemence;
'Get going! On your way!'
So that is why I cannot write
A poem for today!


Cold sand; cool water.
Holiday homes, empty for Winter,
Cast long shadows on the beach.


geraldgee said...


RJ Clarken said...

So funny! And yep - we were definitely on the same wavelength today!

VL Sheridan said...

Gin always helps. Great use of the words.

Sheilagh Lee said...

Sheilagh Lee said:I laughed so hard that was truly humourous and aomething we've all liked to do with janky computers!

rmpWritings said...

the computer was definitely no match for you. funny and entertaining. nice work with the 3WW slang.

rmpWritings said...

"cast long shadows..." somehow seems peaceful and sad at the same time. Very nice poem.

Kat said...

SLANGING MATCH: Ooops.. the poem processing machine went on strike..!!!

PJD said...

Oh what a cathartic moment. (love the haiku too)

Khushboo R. Gandhi said...

lol interestingly funny :p

Dee Martin said...

what an awesome job with the prompt words! I got a kick out of this :)

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

fun stuff with tough words. Thanks.

Stu Pidasso said...

Good poem with difficult words. Totally get the computer malfunction, as well.