Friday, January 21, 2011

Tea and Sympathy

                                         My daughter's house.


Beyond the window the untidy world.
In here, a quiet place for tea and sympathy.
I hear the clink of cups in the kitchen.


(In the days before the Euro!)
An Englishman visited Germany and met a dazzling blonde.
He invited her out to dinner and in due course became quite fond!
They concluded a night of passion and his wallet was produced;
He said 'You've been very friendly! And we weren't even introduced!
I have to say I've had a really very pleasant night!
And now I'd like to repay you. Would fifty pounds be all right?'
The lady smiled quite sweetly, glad that she'd passed the test;
'Thank you for offering pounds ' she said 'But marks would suit me best!'
'I say! That's jolly sporting!' the Englishman said then.
'I'd love to give you marks, my dear!
I'd say seven out of ten!'


Jo said...

Oh my, that poor blonde walked right into that one. Great poetry as always Brenda. Are you not affected by the devastating floods? Have a great weekend. Greetings from Jo

Kat said...

REPORT CARD: Probably the reason why they introduced Euro ? :-D