Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fussy Eater!

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Is your little darling fussy;
Is it hard to make him eat?
Does he turn his twitching nose up
At the very nicest treat?
Then get up early in the morning;
Give his lunch-box lots of thought;
Toy with all the tasty titbits;
Check out everything you've bought!
Mother! Use imagination!
Though it takes an hour or so,
You can fashion something pleasing
Which will stop him grunting 'No!'
Anyone who is maternal
Can manage faces, rockets, fish,
Cartoon characters, bats and monsters!
Think of what your child might wish!
Surely you can't be found wanting!
How awful if his friends should laugh
At a biscuit or a sandwich!
Better make him a giraffe!
Think how well he's going to grow-up!
Oh how thrilled his wife will be!
She'll have to follow your example!
I'm rather glad it wont be me!


Invite a friend round for a pizza then give her a crazy surprise!
It wont be what she's expecting and you'll see her widen her eyes!
No cheese, no bacon, no olives! Well, nothing Italian at all!
No savoury, sizzling aromas to waft to her nose down the hall.
For this is the sweetest of pizzas! Yes, this is a peach of a pie.
A wonderful treat for the summer when peaches are in top supply.
For the crust take the butter and sugar and mix in the flour with a will;
Then press in a pizza pan firmly. (There! That didn't take too much skill!)
Let it cook fifteen minutes (350) and then set aside. Let it cool.
Then brush it with jam that you've melted; I use some peach jam as a rule.
Beat together the rind and the cream cheese, with the whipping cream there in the mix.
It will thicken and blend very quickly. (So that was quite easy to fix!)
Take six peaches and peel them and slice them. (Yes, take out the pitted parts too)
And arrange them on top of the cream cheese as the pastry-chefs all seem to do.
Make a glaze out of juice, jam and sugar, with some cornstarch to help it all blend,
Then boil it all up till it thickens. Don't worry! You're right at the end!
Paint it over your pizza to glaze it, let it cool and sit down and admire!
You'll agree it's a peach presentation! And you didn't even perspire!
CRUST 1/2 c Butter 1/4 c Sugar (confectioners) 1 c FlourFILLING 2 tb Peach jam melted  1/4 lb Cream cheese  1/2 c Whipping cream
1 ts Orange rind grated  6 Peaches peeled, pitted and sliced
GLAZE 2/3 c Orange juice1/2 c Peach or apricot jam2 tb Cornstarch
2 tb Sugar, brown


Kat said...

FUSSY EATER: Over here, even after we've grown up full height and weight, we take our lunch packed to office...!!!! Spouses here, need to read this lovely poem too.

tinyskillet said...

I don't have a fussy eater, but I do like to make bento boxes for her. I always try to make food fun! Maybe that's why she's not a fussy eater :D