Sunday, January 9, 2011

Darkest Before


The words in blue are a quote from Tupac Shakur
"For every dark night there's a brighter day"

For every dark night there's a candle;
For every hot day there is shade;
For every tear there's a following smile;
There is hope when we feel afraid.
This Taoist symbol tells us
That all things are intertwined;
A brighter day will follow
When life seems too unkind.
The young will not believe this;
When they chance on a day of gloom,
They think it will last for ever
And think in terms of doom.
So many young lives are ruined,
So many young lives are lost,
Because they're not understanding
That not all their stars are crossed.
I remember it well from my girlhood;
The sense that I couldn't cope.
Not only that but I never would;
The world seemed devoid of hope.
As one ages one sees the pattern;
The dark and the light combine
To create a life not bad or good
But reasonably fine.
Then one chants 'As one door closes
Another one opens wide'!
Trite? Of course! But they happen to be
Words that can't be denied.
We rock through life on a seesaw
From the day that we are born!
But...... another trite-but-true saying.....
'It's always darkest before the dawn'!
Grey sky, grey water.
Fish flashing under my boat.
Everything waiting and watching.


m. lloyd hedel said...

nice job, i was thinking Yin/Yang myself just couldnt make it work (settled with chess)

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Beautiful poem. Nicely woven Brenda.