Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Choice



We have a choice as we go through life;
We're in charge of our own eyes.
And we can alter our vision
Seeing foolish, seeing wise.
Look at this nondescript window!
Do you choose to see
People idling their lives way
Having a cup of tea?
With backs turned to the window,
Indulging in idle chatter,
As though the daily lives of men
Were the only thing to matter!
Let your eyes 'accommodate'
And see a sight more grand!
See the rolling ocean waves
And the glorious golden sand.
Not only in reflections
Are there chances that we lose.
In our daily lives we have the choice........
We must help our eyes to choose.


Any Sunday, any time, and any sort of season
Novocastrians take a drive, and for a very good reason.
They drive to the Hunter Valley through rich and ripening vines
Forgetting that, beneath them, lie the tunnels of the mines,
And they come upon Pokolbin, where the glorious gardens spread,
With the little Brokenback Mountains rising far ahead.
Twenty-five acres of gardens each with its own design
And outdoor tables made for lazing, sipping Hunter Valley wine.
With thirty-five thousand roses, they could wander round for weeks,
Unless they were diverted by the riveting boutiques!
It's a garden, it's a playground, it's a place to ease your mind,
The Hunter Valley Gardens are joy. And what a find!


Sylvia K said...

Interesting post for the day as always, Brenda! Love your thoughts/words and the reflections are great! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Kim, USA said...

Like the first shot. Great capture!
Weekend Reflection

Margaret Gosden said...

Seeing both superimposed is as interesting as seeing them separately. Two worlds in one. And then there is
the verbal, the verse that helps the eye!