Sunday, January 23, 2011

On Parade

It's fantastic being four!
I've never been this big before!
Yesterday when I was three
I wasn't half as big as me!
See my birthday presents here!
Meant for a Big Boy, that's quite clear!
I've spread them out across the floor
So you can tell that I am four!


Times were gentler then.
A woman could pause
In her labours
To smile at her child on the grass.
The sheets
Would smell of freshly-mown grass.
They would dry
With the heat of the sun.
When they went back into the house
In the ingle-nook,
Would take the child on her knee.
She would tell and re-tell old tales
And the child
Would never grow tired of them
On the hob
A pan of delicious soup
Would boil and bubble.
The aroma
Would permeate the house.
Yes, times were gentler then.
But what is this?
Father has returned!
He is drunk!
'Where's my food, woman!'
He'll shout.
'Bring it here or I'll belt you!'
Times were ......different.....then.

1 comment:

Jama said...

he sure got some cool presents there! next time try taking photo of the colorful cars he has there and submit it for CC.