Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pipe Dream



Just a big old pipe in the shadows,
Curving its way along,
Snaking over the pastures,
Far from the city's throng.
Weaving it's way through the valley
Where the Hunter River flows
Appearing to have no purpose,
Inert even as it goes.
Yet, inside, it is churning, rolling,
Inside it is in full spate,
Inside it is racing madly!
It seems that it just can't wait!
Chichester Dam gives the water
That rushes along within.
It will end in our taps tomorrow.
But it's here we see it begin.

I got permission to publish this shot but I can't remember who from!


Of course I look disdainful! It's quite true!
I'm stuck here for the passing world to view!
I looked so gorgeous only yesterday!
And now I'm treated in this awful way.
My cheekbones still look good, likewise my hair;
And my expression, still, is nose-in-air.
But they have dressed me in a paper bag!
Like any other old, discarded hag!
I, who looked so very smooth and svelte!
They've got me really right below the belt!
Except that belts are missing, likewise darts!
I look the same as all the other tarts!
I, who have worn the very latest fashions,
Have suddenly been put on meagre rations.
Yves Saint Laurent was quite my top designer,
In his confections I looked ever finer.
The swathes, the swirls, the clinching and the flow,
I was a clothes-horse, I was such a pro!
This paper 'thing' just hasn't any shape!
It's fastened at the back with sticky-tape!
The length is wrong! It's barely to my knees!
It's winter and I know I'm going to freeze!
But pity poor Minette! Her plight is oddest!
In fact it's verging on the quite immodest.
To seat her in that pose looks really shocking
Invites the passers-by to be more mocking!
And, worst of all, (the thought makes me go pale)
They've labelled us with that great insult.....'SALE!'


Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful entry of yours. A joy to read and think this exercise, even during the night. Please have a good Wednesday.

daily athens

Hildred said...

I am finding lots of fashions for next year's Christmas presents, all on SALE!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Very nice as usual and what an interesting twist to the water... there and yet unseen. :-)

Gengen said...

What a cute entry for WW!

Kat said...

Pipe Dream: Touched to read a quiet, unnoticed 'pipe' being appreciated.

If we look around from our homes to factories, they play such a major role.