Friday, January 14, 2011

The Squabble



When vertical and horizontal squabble in the skies
It's certain that the folk on earth will get a big surprise!
When black and white are vying for supremacy on high
It's certain that a storm is brewing way up in the sky!
It had been a lovely day all day in Dorrigo;
Time came to leave so we prepared to pack our things and go.
It's then the clouds assembled in this quite belligerent fashion,
One lot light and airy, the other black with passion.
Once home we heard a weather report on our radio;
'Violent storms this-afternoon up in Dorrigo'.

(A scrap of local history.)

Solomon Wiseman was a rogue, working for him was stressful,
Though you find yourself admiring him for being so successful.
Many convicts worked for him, often for seven years,
Having to cope with the lashings, the insults and the jeers.
One man, let's call him William, had completed four years at last,
Four years of deprivation were, happily, in the past.
A remark about 'good behaviour' was noted on his report,
So a ticket-of-leave was justified and a ticket-of-leave was sought.
William wanted to see his sweetheart, who lived in Sydney Town,
So he plucked up courage to ask for it and Solomon turned him down!
He not only rejected his pleading but punished him as well
By putting him under an overseer whose methods were pure hell.
William was put on a road gang, with leg-irons to hold him fast.
But against all odds William got away. Though I fear the die was cast.
He tried to swim the river, but the leg-irons with which he was bound
Were much too weighty for swimming and William, young William, drowned.
Those leg-irons are still heard clanking, or so the locals say,
A message from young William, who failed to get away.


Kay L. Davies said...

Fabulous vertical and horizontal clouds, Brenda, but the tale of young William is so very sad. Sometimes I forget about Australia's convict heritage, and then I remember that some of the "crimes" were very minor, and many good people were sent to labour under some actual villains.
Sigh. I'm going to look at the cloud photo and refuse to believe anything so wonderful could bring a storm. (I'm an old hand at living in denial.)
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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joco said...

You don't want more violent storms!

Are you safe?
Our skies are covering a great number of tragedies worldwide at the moment.

Sylvia K said...

Marvelous cloud formations, Brenda, and you've capture them perfectly both in the photo and in your words. Spooky story about the ghost and the still clanking chains!! Hope you have a great weekend -- no strange sounds though!!


Karen said...

Lovely cloud formation, great shot.

chiccoreal said...

Dear Brenda: Do you see the angel in the 1st cloud pic? Some days are start off so nice and then they have this menacing cloud which I wish away...if I can and could! Also, William should get a Ghost Whisperer to get him to go to "the light". Hope that gaelor gets his karma comeupance! Great poems!