Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Trouble With Snow



The trouble with snow, I've always found,
Is not that it lies there on the ground,
'Crisp and even' and all that jazz,
With the sparkling whiteness that it has.
The trouble with snow is not its falling,
Nor the traffic when it's crawling,
Nor the flakes that fly and flurry
In one's face when one's in a hurry.
The trouble with snow is it doesn't last!
It melts and dribbles all too fast!
No longer crisp and clean and woolly
It melts, but never, never fully.
The trouble with snow, it turns to sludge
And then sits there refusing to budge.
It fades to yellow and then to brown
As people tread on it in the town.
The trouble with snow, it turns to rain,
And that can be an awful pain!
It slithers and slops with the melting snow!
(I remember all this from long ago!)
The trouble with snow is it's fickle way
Of turning from white to yellow then grey.
That's why, because of the way it goes,
I'm glad I live where it never snows!


I lay there in the dentist's chair
 Looking up into his face.
It was, somehow, quite familiar,
 But one I couldn't place.
He was well-past middle-age,
 Bespectacled, grey haired,
A little bald, a little plump……
On and on I stared.
So intrigued was I by him
 That I scarcely felt the drill.
And when the work was done I found
 I scrutinised him still.
His mask was off and so I saw
His wrinkles and his lines;
He had a few whiskers in his ears,
One of males' aging signs.
Whom did I know of such an age?
 Where could we two have met?
Was he an old friend's husband
 I'd happened to forget?
'I think we know each other'
 I finally blurted out.
' Oh yes! We know each other', he said
 'Without a doubt.
Don't you remember me from school?'
 And I replied 'Ah yes!
We must have taught together
At Johnson Street I guess.'
I asked him why he changed careers…….
A moment seemed to pass.
Then he said 'I'm Billy Brown;
I was in your class!'


Short Poems said...

Lovely poems, so beautifully written!
Enjoyed it!
Best wishes for 2011
Marinela x

Pie said...

I love the poems.

My Blue and Mellow Yellow Monday.

Kim, USA said...

I love the poems! Thanks for sharing!

Mellow Yellow Monday

Kay L. Davies said...

I agree with you about the snow, Brenda, and you can remember it so vividly!
As for the second poem - don't you hate when that happens? LOL
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

gengen said...

Lovely poems. Happy MYM!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

You are right, I didn't like February in Canada,

it was slush and dirty snow.

I couldn't wait for spring