Monday, January 3, 2011

Hide and Seek



supplied the illustration for childrens' verse


Once upon a time on a summers day
Two little cats went out to play.
They decided to play at Hide and Seek
Among the bushes by the creek.
'I'll count!' said Minky, 'And then I'll call.
You can hide anywhere, anywhere at all!
When I call out 'Ready or not'
I'll easily find your chosen spot'.
'All right!' said Pinky, 'Close your eyes.
Bet you'll get a big surprise!'
Minky counted 'One, two, three!
I bet you're hiding behind a tree!'
Then she counted 'Four, five, six!
Don't play any naughty tricks!'
She counted more, right up to twenty,
Then she thought that that was plenty.
So she opened her eyes and looked around;
Pinky, she knew, would soon be found.
She looked behind trees, and by the pond;
She searched the meadow and beyond.
She looked in the garden shed as well;
 Where was Pinky? It was hard to tell.
'Surely I'll find Pinky soon!'
Said Minky in the afternoon.
'Where can she be? Where can she be?
I thought I'd find her easily!
I'm getting tired! I want my Mummy!
I need some supper in my tummy!'
So Minky ran home, fast as can be!
And there was Pinky having tea!
Pinky laughed and Pinky said
'I was hiding in my bed!'
Said Minky 'But that wasn't fair!'
Said Pinky 'You said anywhere!'
Minky purred and said 'That's true!
I hope you've left enough milk for two!'

(Two years ago.)
I was about to clean the window. ('About time!' did I hear you say?) *
But then I saw the finger-prints I was about to wash away!
They are little Max's and he is only two.
Washing-away his little prints seems an awful thing to do!
One day he will be three, then four and in no time twenty-five
And I wont even know him then for I wont be alive!
I'll save those little finger-prints for a day or two or three;
It's a good excuse for downing tools and having a cup of tea!

*I assure you the window wasn't THAT dirty! It's the magnification that does it!


Gemma Wiseman said...

Two very cute poems! The first one is a gorgeous little fun tale and the second is simply a beautiful, unusual way to preserve a memory!

RJ Clarken said...

Oh gosh - I just love what you did with the prompt! Two wonderful poems! A delight to read.

Kat said...

Naughty Pinky and an understanding Minky are so sweet.

The poem on Max's handiwork on windows was real touching. He sure knows how to leave his mark..!!!

signed...bkm said...

Wonderful tale of two kittens, my sister has two kittens named Mixie and Pixie and I thought of them...and a smart Pinky for hiding in her bed...a crozy hideout indeed Happy New Year...bkm

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

you have wild imaginations.
well done!

Wysteria said...

Wow, great take on the prompt. Clever you!

Glad I found your site!


Andreas said...

Adorable! And well written.

tess said...

Wonderful weaving of rhymes and the pair of them really have a developed character. Impressive. I'd welcome another round of these two kittens!