Thursday, January 13, 2011

Expensive Mistake!

'moist, yelp, harmless'


The morning was moist and mellow so I grabbed Tessa's lead,
(A dog of doubtful parentage and a very uncertain breed.)
We set off down the country road at a brisk, but relaxing, pace,
And I rejoiced that I lived in such a very charming place.
Of course, I knew that there were spiders; the Australian terrain
Is noted for its nasties, particularly after rain.
But I'd never seen a poisonous spider, or a venemous hissing snake,
Though I'd lived in the country for ages! But my attitude was a mistake!
I let Tessa off the lead, of course, to let her have a run.
After several days of rain I knew she'd enjoy the sun.
She scrabbled around in the undergrowth, behaving as all dogs do,
Pausing to sniff around a bit, and leave her calling-cards too.
But, suddenly I stiffened as Tessa gave a yelp,
That unmistakable doggie call, that canine call for help!
Limping, she staggered to me, and I thought 'For heavens sake!
My one and only darling dog  has been bitten by a snake!'
Grabbing her and cradling her, I staggered down the road,
Finding her sagging body an increasingly heavy load!
I crashed in through the front door, crying to my wife
'Tessa's been bitten by a snake! She's going to lose her life!'
We laid her gently on the ground and then turned to the phone.
Quickly we dialled the local vet! Help lay with him alone!
'Bring her in at once' he called; 'Don't waste a single minute!
I have a venom treatment here! We must immediately begin it!'
We drove the car like demons, quite ignoring traffic lights!
Tessa was wearing a tourniquet made from my wife's old tights!
I laid my precious Tessa down on the operating table.
I knew our friend the vet was both experienced and able.
Both Meg and I were snivelling as he bent down to his task.
'Bring our Tessa back to us! That is all we ask!'
The vet stood up with tweezers in his extended hand;
The expression on his face was such that we didn't understand .....
We stood non-plussed just briefly.......but then, at last, we saw
The little spike of bindi weed he'd pulled from Tessa's paw!
Bindi-weed is harmless, a little like a thorn,
So then we understood the vet and his look of utter scorn!
Tessa needed no injection; Tessa didn't need a pill!
But I needed resuscitation
When he handed us his bill!

Anna Boch

Mama was so insistent! 'We are going to the store!
Feeling rather reckless I answered-back 'What for?'
'How dare you question me like that!' Mama was in full flight.
'Remember, Rose, you're just a child! Mama always knows what's right!
We have to buy your winter clothes! The days are drawing-in!
Don't argue with me, Rose, dear! You know I always win.'
She made me wear my muslin dress, the one that's rather frilly,
And that awful ribbony straw hat that makes me look so silly!
'Now read your book while I go upstairs; there's something I must get.
You've had your head in that book for days! Haven't you finished yet?'
But how could the days be 'drawing-in' when the sun was up so high
And all the birds that ever were were singing in the sky?
When the hollyhocks were reaching up in spirals bright and tall
And the shadows were making flickerings across the garden wall?
When the stories in my book were far more real than any store
And beams of sunlight came to me from the almost-open door?
So here I sit and read my book, for the summer hasn't gone,
And sounds and smells and stories make the magic linger on.
How long can I hide here? Just minutes, I suppose.
There she is at the door now! She's going to call me!


Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

what's a vet bill when you're pal needs help? Good stuff.

Lilibeth said...

Overreactions make fun reading...especially when someone else is paying that bill.

VL Sheridan said...

Oh, I held my breath,hoping Tessa was all right. I'm glad it had a happy ending.

Deborah said...

I'm glad too, wonderfully done!