Monday, January 24, 2011

Vital Skill



There are many things in life I cannot do!
Many, many more than one or two!
So here's a certain skill
I'm attacking with a will;
It's something quite unusual and new!
Radish to toadstool! Everyone should know
How to include this in a magic show!
It's something that, frequently,
Others will ask to see!
Your popularity certainly will grow!
This world has need of many little ruses!
And now we see a radish has its uses!
It surely wins the title
Of something really vital!
Learn how today! I won't allow excuses!


There's Monkey one and Monkey Two
And there's also Monkey Three,
One cannot HEAR, one cannot SPEAK
And another cannot SEE.
They seem to indicate they're Wise,
But it's always seemed to me
That only one's a genuine Wise Monkey.
If we cannot hear the sobbing
Of a creature in distress;
If we cannot see the homeless
And aleviate their stress,
Then we cannot do a single thing
To help clear up the mess!
So only one's a genuine Wise Monkey.
Yes, the monkey that I most admire
Is certainly the third;
Who never opens up
And says a single evil word.
Yes, Speak-No-Evil
Is the one that's certainly preferred.
Only he can be a genuine Wise Monkey.
For careless little insults
Can start some bitter fights!
A tiny altercation
Can spiral to the heights!
Comparisons can end in people
Fighting for their rights!
So aim to be a genuine Wise Monkey!
(But better-looking!)


Kat said...

VITAL SKILL: Loved this poem... reminded me of a wonderful scene in the movie, "pursuit of happyness"(that's the way the movie is spelt)

Liz said...

Love the poems.

I'd love to learn how to do that. Cute looking radish/mushroom.

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