Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Worse for Wear



He was the centre of attention when first he came in view;
When he was bright and shiny, unusual and new.
They hung him up above the bar in a local hostelry;
A handsome Smiling Jester for everyone to see.
Everyone stood around and said 'What a great addition!'
But now I fear he represents the worst of the human condition.
We, too, have been bright and shiny, wide-eyed and full of vim!
We too have gazed out at the world looking a bit like him.
But life lobbed an empty glass at us, in a nasty little fit of pique,
And our nose, once one of our best points, is now nothing but a freak!
Our frills are rather droopy, our colour's faded too,
We don't look quite as snazzy as we did when we were new.
We hang-about and still enjoy all of the passing-show,
But we're not the Jolly Jesters that we were so long ago.
Still, never mind, we're still up there, smiling from the wall;
We have to be quite grateful that we're still up there at all!


(Rinkly attempting Victoriana!)

I must leave, and leaving, weep,
All I ask is for you to keep
Watch at some time in the day
Where you were when I went away.
Let me picture that shaded spot;
A corner of our garden plot,
Where you and I just sat and talked
Gazing at paths where we once walked.
Honour bids me say farewell,
For how long no-one can tell.
Know that I will dream and yearn,
Till I join you there on my return.


Liz said...

What a beautiful poem.

Happy RT!

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Pie said...


Kat said...

Jester-on-the-wall poem is a grim reminder ( to me ) :-)))) Will try climbing down from that wall..!!!

"The Bench poem" sort of triggers flashbacks and all the things I missed..!!!

Anonymous said...

Once again Bravo! I loved the Victorianna one the best :O)