Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To Be Or Not To Be

 'plausible, willing and taint'

We hear each plausible theory and believe each one at the time.
Climate Change is real..... or not; it's natural or a human crime.
Each expert speaks with conviction, and has the charts to display,
Proving one case or another in a very convincing way.
For sure we humans taint the earth with our fossil fuels and such;
We seem to make an awful mess of everything we touch.
But temperatures have fallen or risen, as the case may be,
Ever since the dawning of humanity's history!
I would willingly change my ways if everyone agreed;
Then, united, we could achieve the outcome that we really need.
But do we really need it? Another Ice Age is due!
Surely warming the planet is something we should do!
I won't be around to witness the result of my lack of will;
The blazing eternal deserts, or the bitter eternal chill,
But I'd like to know the answer and even do my bit,
Even though I'll never live to see the truth of it.


Biorhythm is one of those things I believe in and yet I don't!
Some days I'll go along with it and other days I won't!
According to the theory three rhythms rule our lives,
Though many say this story is very much 'Old Wives'.
Circadian rhythm is a fact; we're ruled by day and night,
But Biorhythms can't be proved so are they wrong or right?.
First, there's the Physical rhythm; affecting our bodily state.
Some days we feel we're dying; other days we feel just great.
Then there's the Emotional rhythm. Are we happy? Are we sad?
We'll all agree there's a difference between miserable and glad.
Finally, there's Intellectual. Do we feel alert and bright?
Or have we hit a day when two-and-two just wont come right?
According to the theory each rhythm waxes and wanes,
So there are days with losses and there are days with gains.
The Physical rhythm is twenty-three days; the Emotional twenty-eight;
The Intellectual, thirty-three, or so the pundits state.
Now, once in a while they'll all be high, you'll feel you rule the earth.
But, once in a while, they'll all hit low, and you'll feel you have no worth!
Most of the time we coast along having an average ride,
But we really feel a difference when the rhythms coincide!
We all have days 'on top of the world.'! We all have days that stink!
So Biorhythms stand a chance of being correct, I think.


Anonymous said...

One has only to look at the maps to see that the planet moves, evolves, changes shape itself, reacting to internal as well as external events, like humanity itself. Mother nature dominates and mankind surely must go with the flow! It is a pity that mankind cannot find ways to make life easier for the less fortunate and prevent wars - what could be done - but, there again that is life. Today, Queens Land is at the mercy of mother nature and more would be drowning but for today's advances in communication and rescue. Thank you Brenda - that seems to be the truth of it, for what it is worth!

Lalita Singh said...

Nicely Done!! :)

Jae Rose said...

Nicely put Rinkly - I'm no scientist but surely the nature of nature is to change and disappear..even us..and on that cheery note..Jae :)

Lilibeth said...

Such a relevant poem...and I suspect we really have very little to do with our climate changes, but of course that's not a popular sentiment. I think we feel like if we caused it, we can fix it, and it gives us a sense of control to blame ourselves.

Deborah said...

Intelligent, informative and so very well written as always.

Sheilagh Lee said...

Very well put and gripping .I love your use of these words.

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

I very much like your take on global warming. As a former environmental reporter, I've seen the issue from so many sides. But your opinions make a lot of sense.

Unknown said...

Well done. I am always amazed by the different takes and tones of these 3WW prompted pieces.

christopher said...

That business of the ice age is intriguing and true. We are indeed in something that looks like a warm zone between two ice ages. If we could know for sure this whole thing could be recast as a species reforming the planet's history to their own advantage. Everything we have done called civilization only happened because that warm period happened. Most of our history as homo sapiens on the planet has taken place in weather extremes we know little of now.

gautami tripathy said...

So well told...

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