Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thin Ice

supplied the prompt


'One final 'snap' before we go!
Off with our skates out in the snow!
Three sisters, ready for the fray.
(What a very apt phrase to say!)
Maudie speaking; that is me,
In the centre, where I should be.
For I'm the eldest. There was no boy,
So I was my parents' pride and joy.
Rose to my right; the other one's Dora;
The one with the slightly different aura.
Rose and I! Such friends we'd been!
Until that Dora came between.
The baby! The favourite! The parents' pet!
"Such a pretty baby!" (I can hear them yet!)
Right from the start she spoiled our fun!
 Dora was the unwanted one.
"Take Dora with you!" Mama would say
Whenever we two went out to play.
The wretched creature used to bawl........
Then, "Don't forget Dora! She's only small!"
Rose and I, for years and years,
Have suffered from Dora's silly tears!
But now we're grown; we both have beaux;
Childhood was bad enough, goodness knows!
Percy and George have begun to complain.....
"Not that Dora! Not again!"
Mama is pleased with us today!
She didn't even need to say
"Take Dora with you!"...... for we have chosen
 To skate on the pond where the ice is frozen.
We know a spot where the ice is thin!
We'll hold her down when we've pushed her in!


Isn't it a menace!
I'll never get to Venice
For I don't like too much flying any more.
So, although it's superficial,
Because it's artificial,
I'll stand on this Bridge of Sighs outside the store!


Darlene said...

If revenge is sweet I pity the pest. Poor Dora.

Kay L. Davies said...

Brenda, I can't believe it, we both said the same sort of things about Tess's great-aunts. Oh dear.
Love your Venetian photo. My husband is determined to get to Venice before it sinks completely, so I guess we'll be going there one of these days. I don't much like flying any more, either.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Lyn said...

Wicked and very funny.ah yes, the younger sibling..with the different aura! I had one...

Helen said...

Rollicking good fun, your Magpie! I am the eldest of three girls, this reminded me of our own dynamic.

Martha Z said...

That's one way to get rid of a toublesome brat, but wait, I'm the baby of my clan. On second thought, let the brat live.

Kat said...

MAGPIE TALES: I second Martha Z proposal..!!! Live and let live.

Uma Anandane said...

The poem is damn good..but comparison with little dora made to pity dora more...loved the rhyming

Tess Kincaid said...

I adore the old fashioned names you chose!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

creative and witty tale.

Sue J said...

The last two lines made me giggle. Great Magpie!

Jinksy said...

Dark and dirty deeds afoot, eh? LOL!