Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Puzzle Pool


Peering through the overhanging branches
I see a strangely mystifying scene.
Am I looking down at sky or up at water?
Everything's reversed! See what I mean.
The 'distant' trees are standing on their branches!
The sky is at their feet, not up on high.
Is this a secret window into strangeness,
Another world where earth replaces sky?
Silly me! You know the answer to the question!
It's evident there is no magic here.
I'm looking down at water through the branches
And reflection makes the magic trick appear!


Monsieur Cezanne! I know you pay!
But must I have to stand all day?

Quiet, little one, keep your pose!
I like the line of your peasant clothes!
It's been hours and hours and I'm feeling faint!
All you want to do is paint!

A masterpiece will soon appear!
It's a great work that I'm doing here!

But I can't even have a peep!
And now my foot has gone to sleep!
Stand up straight! Don't droop! Don't sway!
Fidget again and you get no pay!

It's alright for you! You're on a seat!
I wish you were the one with the aching feet!

Great art, my girl, demands sacrifice!
Everyone must pay a price!

Now my back's begun to ache!
How much longer will this take?

The spirits move me and I must heed!
I must go where the spirits lead!

All you bother about's your dream!
And you only pay me one centime!

And all you have to do is stand!
I really thought you'd understand!

Mother wants me home by three!
How much longer will you be!

For goodness sake! Lean on that chair!
Just for a second! That one! There!

Oooh! That's better! Oooh! That's fine!
But what I'd give for a glass of wine!

You Italian girls are all the same!
I'm almost sorry that you came!

Just five minutes, that's all I ask.
Then you can complete your task.

Wait! Wait! Stay there just as you are!
That's a better pose by far!
That hand on cheek is quite appealing!
The lines, the shadows it's revealing!
I'll throw this-morning's in the bin!
Stay just like that and I'll begin!

The lady at A Musing Potpurri has reprinted my Footpath Poem on her charming blog Do visit her here:



Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Ho ho Brenda I loved that poem -- who (but you) would be able to write a poem with plausible dialgue between artist and subject; but it must have taken place -- thank you!!

I do love your puzzle pool -- I posted something like that from "this side of the pond" a couple posts ago. I love that kind of reflection! Happy New Year.

Verna Luga said...

indeed it's puzzling.. but its interesting.. it comes out great..
Watery Wed here

gengen said...

Cool shot! Happy WW!

Kat said...

Puzzle pool - A good poemic observation. My teacher told me when I was a kid that people walk upside down on the other side of the globe..!!!

Taking a Break - Good that someone invented the Camera, keeping in mind the woes of the models :-)))

Was wondering how long Mona Lisa kept smiling until the painting was finished.

Margaret Gosden said...

I love this photo, enhanced by the poem!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful poem and an interesting photo. Have a great week!

Donnie said...

Great photo and poems. Cool

Martha Z said...

I got a chuckle out of this, very witty.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Of course, I love the water shot. Looks like the kind of shot I would attempt. :-)