Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pink Perfidy



Pretty in pink? All soft and girlie!
Aha! Not this time! Shane, not Shirley!
The touches of red add a violent touch,
A fashion-statement? No! Not much!
A Drag Queen, Audrey Hepburn style!
A vicious look, not a gentle smile.
Bony knees are a giveaway.
The wary look has a lot to say.
The title, including the soft word 'kiss',
Gives a hint of Nemesis!
I imagine the 'dame' is really a cop,
Dressed to the nines and over the top!
I imagine experience is nil;
That's why 'he' doesn't quite fit the bill!
'He' looks slightly awkward, playing a part;
Rather new to the drag-queen art!
The wary look is directed at
A criminal, a dirty rat,
And one of the Underworld's 'ladies' too!
To catch 'him' who knows what he'll have to do!
The plot is thickening in my mind!
I'll read the book!
Wonder what I'll find!



My World is scattered with Playgrounds where the little children play.
We see them roughing-and-tumbling on any sunny day.
They're up and down and round about, they're running free and wild
Enjoying life as, we would hope, can any little child.
But there are Special children whose lives are more constrained,
Whose childish minds are fuddled or whose little limbs are chained,
Chained by the power of illness, or an accident of birth.
Their fate is the most difficult of any child on earth.
Speers Point Children's Playground is designed for such as these.
Everything's created to put young ones at their ease.
Special swings and seesaws, special ways to play
When seeing may be difficult or chairs get in the way.
Nor is this park restricted to problem clientele;
Healthy little children are welcomed there as well.
They learn to play together and co-operation rules.
Surely this Special Playground is the very best of schools.
How wonderful a thing it is for us, the visitors, who see
Children who might be tethered, experiencing 'free'.


Kat said...

FASCINATING BOOK COVERS: Well judged, by the cover of the book :-)))

FLYING FREE: My heart goes to these children. In a small way I support a local NGO here.

Unknown said...

Playgrounds! Love 'em. Favorite? Swings that take me high into the sky. Even at 51, I adore that free-flying feeling. Luscious!

maryt/theteach said...

You have peaked my curiosity or should I say "pinked" my curiosity, Brenda! I want to read that book too! Thanks for playing "Fascinating Book Covers."