Sunday, January 30, 2011

On Being Safe

I have never felt safe in my adult life!
Safety is an illusion.
Dangers have beset my way
Sometimes in profusion.
I have lived my eighty years
In a constant state of dread!
Will Ebola reach these shores?
What's that under the bed?
I fear I am a pessimist;
I always fear the worst!
The sun may shine on my perfect life
But, undoubtedly, I am cursed!
Is that pimple on my nose
Something I dare not mention?
Will the Government, suddenly,
Remove my old age pension?
Is the man in front of me in the line
A member of a gang?
Is there a bomb in this aeroplane
That will suddenly go 'Bang!'?
The World is a terrifying place;
Safety is unattainable!
What about all those fossil fuels?
Is their use sustainable?
I've lived a life that's been long and safe!
Retribution's overdue!
How can I have done so well?
How can I have struggled through?
It's all out there, the Danger!
It will get me in the end!
Safety is an illusion.
On that you can depend.


Tearing across the sky
Overtaking lesser clouds.
Rushing, reeling, rolling by,
Nothing escapes....buildings, crowds!
Angry, a tube of wicked misery!
Dive for cover!
Or blow to eternity!


Jae Rose said...

Oh Rinkly - It is such a relief to hear other people writing the circles of 'un-safeness' that go around in my head..great piece of writing..full of pith..Jae

Giggles said...

As always a treat to visit. The charm is ever present despite the pessimism. Love your work! You represent your era! My mother was the same!

Hugs Giggles

Lilibeth said...

I love it and can identify fully because I'm really pretty worried about all those things that don't give most people a second thought.
It reminds me of a poem by Ogden Nash (If I'm remembering correctly) that goes "Some little bug is going to get you, someday"

Altonian said...

To have lived so long
with your pessimistic fears,
it is safe to say you'll go on
for years.

Dianne said...

oh my, Tornado is so wonderful
I love the flow, I read it out loud a few times

Kenia Cris said...

Brillian poem! Amazing rhythm and funny thoughts conveyed in it. =)))) I liked it a lot! As well as the Tornado acrostic (I can't think acrostics, I'm a big admirer of one who can!)



RJ Clarken said...

The tornado acrostic was perfect. As for your first poem, I worry about such things too. I try to keep them under wraps however, because otherwise, I might never get out of bed, (Except for the fear that the bed might collapse.)

Well done!

Margaret Gosden said...

Dreaded demons -atching too much tv news, I wonder! It is enough to stop one doing anything, going anywhere. Think about how, in our youth, we embarked upon the most dangerous of journeys! Then, we went our separate ways, risking life and limb to flight and shipping hazards! (And all the time I thought you fearless!) Today, we can stay home and watch the good and the bad on tv (perhaps feel safer) until mother nature knocks on our door, or one's neighbor blows his/her top to eternity. I am going for my daily Zoloft pill, so I can deny the potential perils that still might deter one last adventure before I fall off my perch! May you see as many more years as you want, knowing that it is possible to survive the dooms and glooms that can be exorcized in a poem, and not in a pill! Happy 80 Brenda! I am one
year behind you!

Other Mary said...

Haha - I'm a worrier too, and I know that it works, because 90% of the stuff I worry about never happens! ;-)

Old Egg said...

You are right safety is an illusion.
But there are a few ways of avoiding catastrophe, If I only I could remember them!

Great poem again.

Tracey said...

Loved both of these! I agree with the illusion of 'safety.' I have to some days put myself on a 'news' diet to prevent myself from feeling so 'unsafe!' "Tornado" was sweet - another thing that challenges my "safety." :-)

Kat said...

ON BEING SAFE: Having determined the worst, anything can only be better and rosy... so Cheers..!!!

TORNADO: The poem itself is like a tornado.... ripping..!!

Marsha said...

as always, great writing that gets right to the heart of things. I think our primal animal brain makes us afraid. It's normal & natural. The trick is to not let it unduly restrict us. Your writing is 'fearful'! carry on.

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Safety is indeed an illusion. But, we need that illusion to survive. Don't you think so?

Lovely write-up.