Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Long White Cloud


(Written before Australia's terrible floods!)

We visited the Land of the Long White Cloud about a year ago;
New Zealand, a land of plenty, where everything seems to grow.
Australia is often a golden brown, when drought  is holding sway,
And so we love to visit that green haven 'across the way'.
A quick flight over the Tasman and we find ourselves surrounded
By fertile acres, rolling streams and fecundity unbounded.
But the Kiwis have to pay a price for all their moisty mist;
They get an awful lot of rain while we are so sun-kissed!
Here you see The Long White Cloud, which looks distinctly grey!
I'll visit that South Seas Paradise, but I don't intend to stay!


               Margaret Gosden


Oh dear!......Oh my head!
What am I doing here in bed?
Let's look at the clock! My God! Past noon!
Is that the sun? Is that the moon?
I'll put one foot out on the floor.
Ouch! That hurts! My head is sore!
Everything's swimming round and round.
No, I can't put my foot down on the ground.
I'll lie back a little bit longer, yes.
There, that's better.....more or less.
My mouth tastes awful! What did I eat?
I vaguely remember it was Dougie's treat.
He bought a round, then I bought mine.....
Did I drink too much red wine?
Red wine! Ugh! The very thought!
What was the name of that girl Jack brought?
Maybe I'll just sit up in bed;
I'll sort of pander to my head.
If I can sit I'll try the standing.
What's that pile out on the landing?
Oh! It's my clothes; they look a mess!
But why can I see a sort of dress?
I don't wear dresses!..... Maybe I do!
Golly! I think I'm going to ........
There! That's better! But I feel weak.
Is that lipstick on my cheek?
I thought it was me and Dougie and Jack!
Surely I didn't bring someone back!
Now the mirror! Oh! What a sight!
Enough to give a cat a fright!
I must sit down, I feel like jelly!
Why is a bra on top of my telly?
I must get dressed! T-shirt, I think.
Maybe I need another drink.
Pants! Which leg? Is it left or right?
Are these the ones I wore last night?
It must have been a rowdy caper!
I'll stagger out and buy a paper.
Shoes! Where are they? Oh, in bed!
Here's one. It's such a pretty red.
I bought these shoes only yesterday;
They're Berluti. What did I pay?
I seem to remember they cost the earth.
Surprising what good shoes are worth.
Now where's the other, I'll dig down deep,
Did I take them off while I was asleep?
Oh my head! I mustn't bend!
Where's that shoe? Right down the end?
What's this?......... It doesn't belong to me!
No shoe! Wherever can it be?
I think I must lie down again.
It all comes back to me now and then!
Not a very edifying night!
As for the sun, it's far too bright!
Oh dear, parting is such sweet sorrow.
I think I'll look for my shoe tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs Brenda I'm visiting from the your blog.


2sweetnsaxy said...

It always amazes me that anyone can create poetry. I'll bet these just spill out of you. It would be a chore for me.

Geoff Maritz said...

Hm! Why do I know just what you mean? Ha Ha Ha.

joco said...

Love the way your mind crinkles through daily life :-)
"It fell into my lapis" indeed!
That's the way I think.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, very pretty! =)

Happy SWF!

Jim said...

Great grey shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful poems! Great capture of the dramatic clouds and sky! Has the rain stopped?

Kay L. Davies said...

I've heard that about New Zealand, where everything grows. It must be lovely there, although that is a very large dark cloud.
And of course you wrote that before the dreadful floods in Queensland. Unimaginably awful for people and wildlife, and yet most of the news stories I can find on Google are about the effect on the sugar and coal industries.
It would be nice if Queensland dried up and the areas with the wildfires got some of the rain instead, but weather seldom works that way.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Hildred said...

Love the Long White Cloud, - and what can I say about the Morning After???