Monday, January 24, 2011

The Little Matter of Eternity



So you fancy living for ever........ well, doesn't everyone?
We hate the thought that our little lives will be suddenly be done.
There are some who believe we never die, but float around somewhere,
In some sort of improved life way up in the sky.
I don't subscribe to this theory, and I ask those with these views
' If you'll be one age for eternity, which age will you choose?'
Babyhood may look very cute, but there is no denying
That 'forever', as one, would be rather dull........ all that dribbling and crying!
And would you like to be a teen, with all that that entails;
All that body-image angst, all that teetering on the scales?
How about all eternity as someone of middle age?
I've yet to hear anybody say that that's the perfect stage!
As to being, for ever, all elderly and tottery......
That doesn't strike me as much of a prize for winning the final lottery!
And so I'm sure that you will say you'd like to be twenty-one,
Now that's something to look forward to when your days on earth are done.
But wait! What about your children? They're not yet on the scene!
You'll have to go through eternity as though they had never been!
The whole thing's rather complicated. I can't make up my mind.
I think I'll just turn out the light when I leave this life behind!

Like an unlit candle pre-dawn,
It waits, wan and waxy,
For the first flare of morning sun.


Nita Jo said...

My first laugh of the day, "all that dribbling and crying!"
I loved your take on Eternity.

Margaret Gosden said...

Just like dropping off to sleep, perhaps, without the dreams.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I love your poem about Eternity! I had not given the age much thought: now that is a conundrum, given how long it took me to gain Life Wisdom, hee hee. I especially love your short poem Waiting. So beautiful!

RJ Clarken said...

Kinda puts the aging thing into perspective, doesn't it? ☼ A great interpretation of the prompt.

Old Egg said...

If there is an eternity for us it clearly is not going to be related to our lives as we know them now. It is our last great adventure and who knows who will be with us then?

Your poetry as usual is captivating amusing and challenging. Always a pleasure to visit.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping we'll be the age of the beholder and not any older..

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

well expressed sentiments.
we share some similar emotions here.

keiths ramblings said...

Beautifully thought through! I'm with you all the way.

Lilibeth said...

I feel more like the unlit candle waiting for an eternity that won't wear me down.

but goodness knows the baby forever would be appalling and if we are twenty one why wouldn't our children have that option...although twenty one was still a bit sassy for mine...they were better at thirty...a dilemma for sure.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

lol Very perceptive and apt, Brenda. We all want to be somewhere else, but where?

I like this very much.

Elizabeth said...

Thoughtful progression through the possibilities. And a rather good conclusion. If there is an eternity, I would hope it has little or no resemblance to this life. I would prefer new.


Ajtonian said...

You are half-way to Heaven already if you can take great philosophical thoughts, and turn them into such wittily amusing poetry.

Kat said...

THE LITTLE MATTER OF ETERNITY: A good analysis leading to the conclusion, that all ages are good indeed.

Linda May said...

I reckon I will just hang around and wait and see. re; eternity, people are dying to find out eh.

Uma Anandane said...

what an lovely poem?what would I choose to be...well its difficult to chose since every roll is a part played with utmost care

Jae Rose said...

I think three score and six will be enough for me! Imagine an eternity of bills, grocery shopping and annoying neighbours..if however a celestial existence on a quiet, fluffy cloud is on offer, then maybe! Jae

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Brenda. I loved your casual way of teasing the human belief and desire to live on forever....

Good one.

moondustwriter said...

I love your musings - I have spent hours pondering.
"how will I know grandmother if she is young and doesn't have gray hair?"

thanks for sharing this delightful piece with One Shot

we will know on the other side

Moonie smiles

Brian Miller said...

lovely the first and your thoughts on eternity...i really like that serene moment of anticipation in the second....nice one shots

Kavita said...

hahahaha...what an awesome poem, Brenda!
Your words made me wonder, and then smile!! really have a way with words :)

I think I like (and have always liked) my life the way it is/has been... Besides, eternity seems like a super long time for me to wanna endure..

PattiKen said...

Very clever. It would indeed be a dilemma, one that is unlikely to be much of a problem, I suspect.

Steve Isaak said...

Solid, chatty, smart, witty work - the first poem (I only read one poem per author per week, given the bulk of the list).

kolembo said...

Got a laugh this one, a deep laugh though!