Friday, January 21, 2011


Onamatapoeia! It plays such clever tricks!
By it our use of language is enriched.
We've been creating 'sound-like' words ever since the dawn of time,
And very, very few are ever ditched.
Take 'Crash' and 'Bang' and 'Plop' and 'Zoom',
Take 'Sizzle', 'Sniff' and 'Gurgle', 'Whack' and 'Screech'!
Such words are so descriptive, such inventions of the tongue,
Such wondeful embellishments of speech!
And 'Flip' is a great example! It really says it all!
Hear the coin as it's tossed and then it's turned!
Well, that's all for today, folks! I know you'll all say 'Wow!'
When you realise a lesson has been learned!


I wonder who could possibly guess
This vantage point and its address!
A circular window designed for views:
A lake designed for an evening cruise!
Surely I must be somewhere smart
Where turrets and windows play a part!
There's not the slightest indication
That I'm in a room at the Woy Woy station!
And what a room! Just one of many
Where people go to 'spend a penny'!
Whatever epithets others choose,
Australians call such places loos!
One sits at one ease in this fair 'loo'
And they don't charge anything for the view!


annell4 said...

Flip is fun in everyway! Flip, flip, flip! All those words that sound like.......

RJ Clarken said...

Onomatopoeia is such a great concept. You described it to a 't'.

I loved A Loo with a View. yep - no extra charge for the view! hehe

Karen said...

Excellent use of the word flip. I never really thought about it before, but yes, it really is an onomatopoeia!

Well done!

And the loo with a view is too funny!!

Kat said...

THEME THURSDAY: correctly predicted... have nothing else to say except.... "Wow"

A LOO WITH A VIEW: The Serene view can make one be seated peacefully through the "entire performance" :-))))

Nanka said...

Onomatopoeic words are so much fun in poems, rumble rattle slurp sizzle ting ting tong you have done well these embellishments of speech!