Monday, January 10, 2011

Feathers and Fur

supplied the pictorial prompt

(A poem for children.)

There once was a cat, and a very fine cat,
Who went out on a spending spree.
He bought nothing but the best,
A hat, a vest,
And boots reaching to the knee.
He bought a tie, a very fine tie,
And he said 'Well, all together
I positively shine
In these clothes of mine
But the best thing is my feather'.
For sure the feather was a very fine feather
And he wore it in his hat.
And he posed and bowed
Feeling very, very proud
Thinking he was the smartest cat.
He put on a show, a very fine show,
As off to the palace he went.
'I'll show the lot
What good taste I've got!
And how much money I've spent!'
But the guard at the gate (a very fine gate)
Just wasn't impressed a bit.
'The gate's not wide
From side to side
With that feather, you won't fit!'
So that poor silly cat, that very silly cat,
Had to throw his feather away!
And in a mood
Which was very subdued
He learned a lesson that day!


In the spare bedroom what did I find?
The boys had left their balloons behind!
When they'd arrived not all that long ago
These balloons had been all on show.
' Daddy went to a party last night!' they said.
'He came home after we'd gone to bed!
He brought us balloons! Yippee! Yippee!
Those for him and these for me!
I like the red! He likes the blue!
I'll show you what balloons can do!
See mine bounce! Yeah! Mine's the best!'
I was suitably impressed.
For half an hour excitement reigned.
Lot's of noise! No-one complained!
They bounced, they biffed, they flew on high
With many a giggle and happy cry.
Balloons were the greatest things on earth!
Lots of merriment, lots of mirth!
But as is the way with little boys,
Lots of laughter, lots of noise,
But lacking powers of concentration!
Along came some other new sensation.
When they'd gone, what did I find?
Those balloons had been left behind!


Deborah said...

A wonderful Mondays Child!

Jinksy said...

There should be a wise crack about fine feathers, but I'm blowed if I can find one! LOL

RJ Clarken said...

I love it! This was just wonderful!

Andreas said...

You've really weaved an amusing tale around the image.
I enjoyed it a lot.

Trellissimo said...

Makes me glad I have no gates!

Diane said...

Great ones! Have a super week. :O)

signed...bkm said...

A wonderful Monday's Child indeed Rinkly...should be a book...the repeating of the "very fine" gives it a song like quality...adore it...bkm