Sunday, January 2, 2011

Down the Line



The delphiniums were blooming in 1929.
In every shade of blue there is they stood in glorious line,
And everybody said 'My word! This year they're very fine!'
But that was many, many years ago.
The delphiniums soon perished, as flowers always do,
No matter how delirious their lovely shades of blue,
And 1931 came round, then 1932,
And there were more delphiniums to grow.
So, down the line, delphiniums, have waved their graceful heads,
In millions of back-gardens, millions of flower beds,
Taking, as their backdrop, rickety garden sheds,
Very old and yet forever new.
Such is the power of procreation and those willing seeds,
And we are very fortunate that perfect beauty breeds,
For, down the line, it's certain that each new era needs
The heartsease of some fresh delphinium blue.


A cake that is a pudding! A super single-serve,
Really delicious comfort-food that all of us deserve.
When first I saw this recipe I upped and shouted 'Wow!
This is the cooking hint for me! I'm making it right now!'
Double these instructions if you're cooking this for two
Or if you need a double dose for you and.....well.....for you!
For one you'll need a generous mug for cocoa, sugar, flour,
Mix them together with a fork, and a bit of elbow-power.
Then add the egg and mix the lot until it's smooth as silk,
Then add a dash of vanilla and, finally, the milk.
Well, forget about finality if you're adding chocolate chips!
But, remember this, they may all end up settling on your hips!
Put the mug in the microwave for three minutes, thereabout,
And watch it going round and round as though on a roundabout!
The cake (or pudding) soon will rise and may overflow a bit,
Don't worry! It was not designed to be a perfect fit!
Now you have a choice to make; should you eat it hot
Or let it cool and turn it out before you eat the lot?
The supermarket shelves are stocked with puddings at a price.
Try this cheap alternative, you'll find it's just as nice!

1 coffee mug. 4 Tbsp. plain flour. 4 Tbsp. sugar. 2 Tbsp. cocoa. 1 egg.
3 Tbsp. milk. 3 Tbsp. oil. Small splash of vanilla. ( 3 Tbsp. chocolate chips,)


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe, happy blue monday

Unknown said...

suddenly, im craving for rice pudding:)

Anonymous said...

have fun cooking:)

SmilingSally said...

We are fortunate to have blue blooms.

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.

gengen said...

Nice entry for blue Monday. Thanks.

Donnie said...

The blue flowers are lovely but make mine doesn't like chocolate so I'm hiding this recipe for me. Don't tell anyone and thanks. SHHH!

LV said...

I was not aware these pretty blue flowers were blooming the year I was born.

eileeninmd said...

Great find, Happy Blue Monday! Thanks for the recipe, it looks and sounds delicious. I love chocolate.