Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Choices! Choices!

Try this one Katie! You're wasting time!
You've got one like that already!
This one will look much better
When you're out tonight with Freddy!
I liked that blue one over there!
The one with the little dangles.
I think that would look quite nice!
I could wear it with my blue bangles!
But you want to wear that dress you bought!
And that won't go with blue!
Remember! It's got red flowers on it!
You haven't got a clue!
I may not wear that dress at all!
It makes me look all bust!
Freddy likes my old black dress;
I'll wear that if I must.
Black! You'll look just awful!
He wont ask you out again!
And what if you spill your latte!
It will make an awful stain!
Maybe I'll wear the red and white.
But not with red beads too!
Lets go and look at the silver!
Silver! Yes that might do!
Do you want to look like your Granny!
There are gold ones over there!
Francine tells me that this year
That's the colour to wear!
I've been thinking about the dress.....
I might buy something new!
Yes, red earrings will look just right!
And I'll buy the blue ones too..............



Two burly men in red and yellow;
Each one, I'm sure, a handsome fellow,
Though they are turned away from me,
Gazing out at the surf and sea.
I'll never need their ministrations!
I'm averse to tricky situations.
Why risk rip-tides; why risk sharks?
It's safer in the shops and parks!
But, if they glanced in my direction,
I'd probably ask for their protection!


Bitch said...

Hi, I liked both conversations!
Enjoyed it very much..
Greetings far from Greece,

reg said...

I loved the poetry and the second pic is outsatanding

Liz said...

Great capture. I love the first poem. It reminded me of someone. :)

Happy Ruby Tuesday.

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Kathe W. said...

both of your poems are delightful!
I think the dithering about what to wear is hysterical- I have heard conversations like this in the stores...but I'd rather chat up the lifeguards!

Felisol said...

I've never visited your rime blog before.
What a wonderful surprise.
I love the clever way you are putting good pictures and verses together.
Indeed gifted and original.

Anonymous said...

great poetry! you really do have a gift. keep it up:)

Yoshi said...

Thanks for commenting on my RT entry.
Haha, I am not sure how nonfiction it is but I enjoyed the story very much!
Have a wonderful day.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I love the pics & poems !