Friday, January 14, 2011


asked us to use words from a list!


My mind was thin and frugal
So I made a stab at Google
To get a list of words that I could rhyme.
I'd been told to use a list,
And I said 'If you insist';
It seemed a little tricky at the time.
I found a site called 'Bingo'
Which had a way with lingo,
Creating lists for bingo games in schools.
For the topic I chose 'Climate';
If I found a word I'd rhyme it;
It seemed a game without too many rules!
So here goes! I'll have a try.....
I see 'wet' and I see 'dry',
I see 'humid', and a reference to 'snow';
I see 'desert' I see 'grass'
I see 'frost' that shines like glass,
I see 'muggy' when we'd like a breeze to blow.
I see 'permafrost' that will stay
For ever and a day;
I see 'tropical' a glimpse of Paradise.
I see 'tundra', rather bleak,
And not a place I'd seek;
I see 'steppes' the site of freezing snow and ice.
'Semiarid' I must say
Says to me 'Best stay away'.
But 'savannas' sound enticing in a way.
'Subtropical'? Sounds good
And, clearly, so it should,
That's the climate that I'm living in today.
There are some that I have missed
In this Bingo Climate List,
And my verses are the opposite of lyrical.
But the fact that I could trawl
And find anything at all
Was, to say the least, an unexpected miracle!


(An Acrostic)

"Better let me navigate!
Aren't you going to accelerate?
Careful! You took that corner fast!
Keep to the left! He can't get past!
See! I told you the tyres were worn!
Easy does it! Not on the lawn!
Actually you should use second gear!
Turn here! Turn here! Turn here! Turn here!
Double-parking is a crime!
Remember you did it that other time!
It's getting late! Mind! Mind! Mind! Mind!
Vehicles coming up behind!
Empty parking over there!..........
Rudeness wont get you anywhere!"


Anonymous said...

Two crackers here, Rinkly. I enjoyed both in their different ways. Just to be picky: permafrost last for ever - perma, permanent - rather than days, but I forgive you for the fun it gave me.

nan said...

What fun, both! Loved the first one and was laughing through the second one.

RJ Clarken said...

I really enjoyed both poems! ☼

Laurie Kolp said...

I had so much fun reading these! Bingo flows so well and Backseat Driver, well, I think we can all relate some way or the other...


Linda said...

I loved the playfulness of the first poem.

sam said...

Hilarious pieces. :) And I see the literary world is catching on - that was the first time I've seen Google mentioned in a poem!

Tumblewords: said...

How clever! Love the Bingo Climate and surely I've been the backseat driver - positively acrostic.

Deb said...

Fun. And I enjoyed the illustrations, too.

James said...

These are wonderful. What an especially fun read "Bingo" is! Well done.