Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Chief!

A meme dedicated to verses for children.

(With Choral Speaking in mind)

(boldly) I'm Big Chief Turkey-Feather,
Leader of the band
Of brave Turkey-Troopers,
Ravaging the land.
I'm Big Chief Turkey-Feather
Leader of the gang
Whose arrows go 'Plop!'
And whose guns go 'Bang!'
(whispered) Hush! Hush! Turkey Troopers!
Footprints in the snow!
Keep your voices
Way down low!
Hush! Hush! Turkey-Troopers!
Don't be afraid!
Big Chief Turkey-Feather
Must be obeyed!
(scared) Great big footprints!
Do we dare
To follow the tracks
Of a Grizzly Bear?
Great big footprints!
Oh so big!
They might be the tracks
Of a Giant Pig!
(happily) Why! It's Daddy
In his great big shoes!
Only Daddy!
That's good news!
Why! It's Daddy!
With his great big toes!
Footprints are fun
Whenever it snows!
(boldly) I'm Big Chief Turkey-Feather!
Fancy that!
Marks of a Daddy
We were looking at!
I'm Big Chief Turkey-Feather!
Come on, Troop!
Mummy's at home
With some nice hot soup!



My Man is sitting on my chair!
He knows he shouldn't be sitting there!
I'm giving him a slitty stare.
It's My Place!
He's on the chair that's meant for me,
Slowly sipping a cup of tea!
He's been there since half past three!
In My Place!
He looks at me and gives a smile.
I don't smile back; that's not my style.
It seems I've got to wait a while
For My Place.
Now Man is getting to his feet!
The cushion's sure to store his heat.
I leap! I snuggle! Life is sweet
In My Place.
I watch him as he walks away.
In the end I got my way.
Now I'm here I'm going to stay.
It's My Place.


Gemma Wiseman said...

Still chuckling about Turkey Feather! Such a good one to be read out loud! The words sound such fun!

Darlene said...

You have captured the imagination or childhood so perfectly in your first rhyme.

"My place" reminds me of my step-father's chair. If he came into the room we had to vacate 'his' chair immediately. I tried saving the most comfortable chair for my husband and he would have none of it. He was not into being selfish.

Randall Weiss said...

This was a fun read.

Brian Miller said...

ha. what a fun read...i was a boy again tromping through the woods, life one grand adventure...great one shot

signed...bkm said...

What a fun delightful adventure for this gang of boys...and daddy too...makes it a wonderful read....heartwarming...your work is always so full of heart...think I will too have a bowl of soup....blessings ....bkm

Shashidhar Sharma said...

Dear Brenda

Its beautiful. I liked it so much. Thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Steve Isaak said...

Fun work.