Monday, January 14, 2013

Tourist Police/Dogged

(For Grandma's Goulash, who supplied the illustration)

(140 characters only)

Gotcha! What an awful disguise!

We can see you're telling lies.

Stop pretending you are here on tour!

Get in there! Just sleep on the floor!



'What we think becomes reality!'

I've often heard that said.

So you are heading for fatality!

You will soon be dead!

I see myself as a giant,

Although you call me small.

Don't attempt to be defiant.

Your back's against the wall!

I'll leap out of here like lightning,

My jaws like an iron vice.

My expression will be so frightening

That it wont be very nice!

My growl will be like thunder;

My bark like a firing gun;

I'll be tearing you asunder!

There'll be nowhere you can run!

Like a rag doll you'll be shaken;

And soon your eyes will pop!

You'll scream, if I'm not mistaken;

Yes, you'll scream for mercy 'Stop!'
But kindly wait a minute;

My courage has started shrinking.

My heart just isn't in it..........

I must do a bit more thinking!


Pat said...

Cute and clever, as always, Brenda! I liked the phrase, "What an awful disguise." I loved the poem about the wee chihuahua with grandiose ambitions.

Unknown said...

Like your rhyme and your takes. I used to have a small dog and he thought he was a pit bull so you are so right. lol

Lady In Read said...

made me smile..loved your take on this

Grandma`s Goulash said...

Loved it, Brenda. Only you would do an arrest scene in rhyme.