Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beblubbered/Reason Enough!


I had a great friend, Althea, who made an art of crying.

She could just look dewy and that without  even trying.

Her great big eyes  would swim with tears, she'd go a little pale

(She was feeling emotional, maybe about a male.)

Tear-drops hung from her lashes, like a row of perfect pearls.

She really was the most fortunate of silly weeping girls.

After the tears were over she'd appear as good as new

As though she'd never cried at all! I swear that this was true.

But me! If I were emotional and prone to shed a tear,

I would become beblubbered and quite hideous, I fear.

'Beblubbered' means 'Made ugly by tears' and, certainly, this was me.

I was swollen, red and damp  as any crier could be.

My nose was shiny, twice its size, my eyes were little slits,

I was utterly transformed and, oh dear, it was the pits.

The transformation lasted for almost half a day

And my life, because I was hideous, became a lot more grey.

Oh how I longed to be Althea, who  made crying a fine art!

It's sad to be beblubbered when one has a broken heart.


'Why did you marry Freddy?' I asked my friend, Louise.

'You haven't got much in common. Go on! Tell me please.'

'Well, you know how opposites attract' she said. 'We prove that is true...

For one thing, Freddy's eyes are brown and mine, as you see, are blue'.

'That's not a good reason for marrying!' I gave her a look and laughed;

To tell the truth I think that that is absolutely daft.'

'Well, we were clearly opposites' she said 'The reason is because

Freddy wasn't pregnant and I, most certainly, was!'

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