Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yellow Boots/Google



What an intriguing poster!

The boots really make one think.

Would they have had the impact

If they'd been a pretty pink?

The colour yellow is threatening

Mysterious and dramatic

And so the emphasis on drama

Is  clearly quite emphatic.

Had the boots been a pretty pink

A chick-flick would be indicated.

But here's a girl to be wary of

And even, maybe, hated.



I wonder how long they pondered

Until they found the right one.

It certainly was unusual

But the idea was a bright one.

There is such a thing as a google

Or googol as it should be....

A number with a hundred noughts

In reality.

Most people had never heard of

That very odd word before,

But now, of course, it's everyday;

We hear it more and more.

What an inspired piece of choosing!

Can you think of another name

That would have so resonated

And earned such endless fame?

It's even become it's own verb!

'To google' is commonplace.

An  unknown word stands very tall

Up there in cyberspace.

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