Friday, January 11, 2013

By George!/Sand Handy

George is a distant young relation of mine who lives in England.


The work of George!
 An artist,

Though just in the early stages

But  in this way started many careers

Of artists down the ages.

What an imagination! 

His head is in the stars,

All mixed in with technology

Aeroplanes and cars.

I love the little tubby chap

Up there in outer space

And the people in the lift,

Clearly their  special place.

The love-heart hanging in the sky

Is a sentimental touch.

All in all a work of art

That I like very much.


Just look what you could do with sand if you tried hard enough!
Sand is easily available and very  useful stuff.

You, too, could build a statue of life beneath the sea,

With Neptune looking regal  as a member of royalty.

All it takes is a lot of skill and a lot of patience too,
If you have both these attributes  the artist  could be you.
Look at all the debris lying beneath the waves,
All the flotsam of the years in dark and soggy caves,
There lies a till with money spilling out  upon the sand
Looking rather out of place so very far from land.
The little fish swim in and out among the tangled sails,
Watching with tiny fishy eyes and  waving fishy tails.
If I tried my hand at this I'd end end up with a pile
Of rather shapeless soggy sand and folk would tend to smile.
But you, yes you, are artistic and made of sterner stuff,
I'm sure you could create this easily enough!


Sandy said...

Something I'm not good at, rimes. Yours are really good and I felt the need to read more...
Thanks so much for your visit to my blog today and am wishing you a wonderful New Year.

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, George has lots of talent - I do like the free way he uses the thin white line drawn on something black, the very expressionist of gestures with the hearts and
other telling symbols!