Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quintessential/Living in the Present


'Quintessential,' we understand,

Means grand but  the grandest of the grand

Quintessential, best of the best,

The example by which we judge the rest.

The essence......  Yes that word is there

But the Quint part is  much much more rare.

I think it's Latin ....... well that's Googles view.....

And I think it means essential too.

Essential essential, top of the tree!

How curious a word can be.


We are living in something imaginary,

For the present is never here.

Say the word 'present' and straight away

The present will disappear.

In less than the twinkling of an eye......

The change takes place that fast....

The present will change completely

Into something else.....the past.

Can you hold on to the present?

It's intangible, like a mist,

Try to grab hold and it's slipped away;

There! It does not exist!

So, if the present is unreal,

With minute preceding minute,

Maybe we are not really here......

After all, we're living in it!

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