Thursday, January 3, 2013

Preparation/Sibling Revelry


We spend our lives preparing for the life that is to come

And, though I have to say that preparation works for some,

For others time is wasted as school forces preparation

For some things that may not be apt for the pupil's situation.

I learned trigonometry when I was in my school,

Where learning bits of everything seemed to be the golden rule.

Now I can't remember what trigonometry was about!

I try to recollect a bit but I am left in doubt.

It could have been that I'd been fired with a passion for the stuff, 

Become  a mathematician who just couldn't get enough.

In which case I'd have been grateful for the educational aim

Which had been designed so I might choose to play the numbers game.

As it is there is a great big blank where there could have been much more.

I could have been prepared for life. That's what educations for.



I like the play on words. To revel is to have some fun.

And brothers and sisters add this unless one's an only one.

I was almost solo, my sister much older than me,

Though luckily there were cousins in our family tree.

My sister was like a parent when I was a growing child,

So there were never shared games, no playful running wild.

Also she died at forty while I was living abroad

And so the link between us was a very slender cord.

My cousins , who lived fairly near, we're as vital as my sister,

Although, until this very day, I've very often missed her.

My memories of  'siblings' is of cousins of my age,

And some of them are still alive, even at this later stage.

'Sibling rivalry' exists, though I've no experience of it.

As for 'sibling revelry''s hard not to love it.

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