Friday, January 18, 2013



Won't Diddums eat his apples?

Does he moan about his greens?

When he shoves his plate away from him

Do you know what he means?

Then, Mum, you must accommodate

His funny little ways;

Strive hard as you can with Diddums

To earn a little praise.

Make him a Platterpillar,

Even though you're late for work!

After all, you are a Mother

And Mothers never shirk.

Don't tell me that you've tried before!

Don't tell me that you're tired.

A little Mumsy coaxing

Is all that is required.

Nip out and buy some licorice

To make the other bits,

And also get a lolly face,

But make sure that it fits!

Good girl! You'll make a Mother, yet,

That a son may well adore.

Oh what a shame! Little Diddums

Has thrown it on the floor!



Shadow and shade. Shadow and shade.

See how it's crafted and charmingly made.

How many babies have hovered above it!

The name they were dubbed........did they hate it or love it?

A decision is made when they're blessed by the water,

A favourite name for a son or a daughter.

A decision is made there for good or for ill.

Is he called Beau when he would have liked Bill?

The power of the parents to make that decision!

The name that they choose may give rise to derision.

Be sure that you give him a name that he'll want

When you hold him so tenderly over the font!

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